Authorities went on to describe what the nursing student had told them about her time in captivity.

“She said that they took her into a house and made her get undressed,” the police chief said. “She believes they took pictures of her but she does not remember them having any physical or sexual contact. She stated the next day, she woke up and was fed cheese crackers by the female. She said the woman also played with her hair but could not remember anything else. At some point, she was put back in a vehicle.”

He continued, “She claims she was able to escape while it was in the west Hoover area. She told detectives she ran through lots of woods until she came out near her residence.”

Detectives observed noted that Russell had a “small injury to her lip” and “tear in her shirt” and she also told them that her “head was hurting.” 

“Detectives also noted that she had $107 cash in her right sock,” he continued. “Out of respect for Carlee and her family, detectives did not press for additional information in this interview and they plan to speak with her in detail after giving her time to rest.”

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