Heather Dubrow’s Son Nick Dubrow Is Working with Josh Altman

Fans watched Heather Dubrow and Dr. Terry Dubrow pack up their two eldest children, twin siblings Max and Nick, and send them off to college at the beginning of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17. And while there’s more to come on that front as the season continues, we actually have an update on Nick’s college career, as well as his career as a whole.

Nick Dubrow’s Internship with The Altman Brothers

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Nick, as it turns out, is spending the summer before his sophomore year working with Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles real estate broker, Josh Altman. The 19-year-old told The Daily Dish, “Currently, I’m in an internship with the Altman Brothers, because as of recently, I just got my real estate license. So, I’m kind of exploring that field.”

How Nick Dubrow Connected with Josh Altman

ICYMI, Heather and Terry recently sold their Orange County mansion, the Dubrow Chateau. And according to Nick, it was Josh Altman who helped make the sale. “He was our agent,” Nick explained. “And it just became this thing where I’m like ‘Huh, I’m getting my license. Maybe I can come intern with you.'”

Yes, you read that right — Nick pursued his real estate license while still in college. “It was definitely a lot,” he admitted. “I had to definitely separate homework from studying for that, for sure.”

Nick Dubrow’s Career Plans

While Nick is currently working in real estate, he told The Daily Dish that he’s actually studying business finance at school. “That’s my specific major, but I got my license a Couple months ago, so I’m just doing this internship to explore it a little bit,” Nick added. “But I also want to try to do an internship kind of on the Hollywood agent side — maybe work in the mail room for a bit — or maybe work in a bank. I don’t know. I want to explore a lot of different things.”

Regardless of the career Nick chooses to pursue, there’s no doubt that his parents will be there to cheer him on. Heather recently showed her support by reposting an Instagram Story shared by Matt Altman, which pictured Nick and a few of his Altman Brothers co-workers at an open house. “Love seeing [Nick] a part of this incredible team !!” the RHOC cast member captioned the Story.

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