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Heather Dubrow‘s friendships with the ladies appeared to be hanging on by a thread by the end of the July 12 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She started the trip to Montana on solid ground with most of the women. Obviously, her spat with Taylor Armstrong wasn’t great, but overall, she was having fun with the ladies. That is until everyone started sharing their highs and lows from the group’s midwest getaway.

While Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge got teary-eyed over their rekindled friendship, and called that reconnection their “high” of the trip, Heather called that same situation her “low”. Heather tried explaining that when Shannon came into the group in season 9, she and Tamra weren’t in a great place, so she felt really “left out” when they became fast friends. And now, she feels like she’s experiencing that all over again, following Shannon and Tamra’s reconciliation. She said at certain points during this trip, she felt “really sad” because they were having fun without her. But instead of sympathizing with her, Tamra and Shannon took offense to what Heather said. Especially Shannon, who insisted Heather was never “excluded” from their hangouts in Montana. Tamra suspected that Heather was just feeling “jealous”, and when Shannon became angry over what Heather had said, Heather apologized and said they must have just “misunderstood” what she was trying to say. She likes that they’re friends again, she just doesn’t want it to result in her getting pushed away. OK, fair enough.

Then, when it came to her “high”, Heather said it was “shoveling s***” with Gina Kirschenheiter because it reminded her “how hard everyone works and how it takes all these different people doing all these different jobs to give us beautiful food and amazing lives, and we all have our place in the world, and that is no small feat.” Heather thought what she was saying was very sweet, but most of the ladies squirmed in their chairs after hearing those words come out of Heather’s mouth.

“Wait. What, Heather? This is how the other half lives? Is that what you’re trying to say?” Tamra asked in her private confessional. Like we said, Heather didn’t have a great episode. And it just got worse when Gina went home to boyfriend Travis Mullen and told him that Heather also pissed her off.

During that same dinner in Montana, Heather said that she doesn’t know how long Travis will want to “put up with” Gina crying over her ex and their bitter split. Shannon actually started to say the same thing, but because the words “put up with” came out of Heather’s mouth and not Shannon’s, Gina got upset with Heather. She made that very clear to Heather and then went home to bitch about Heather to Travis. He told Gina that she can cry about her ex for as long as she wants — he promised her that he won’t be leaving her because of it.

It seems like a lot of what Heather wanted to say this week was said with good intentions, but the delivery was very off. And we fear what this may lead to moving forward.

Heather Dubrow
Tamra Judge; Heather Dubrow; Shannon Beador (Photo: Bravo)

Anyway, once the ladies got back home in the OC, Jennifer Pedranti broke the news to boyfriend Ryan Boyajian that his past — whether true or not — was the talk of the town. Ryan couldn’t believe that Tamra would accuse him of saying he wanted to sleep with her. He also couldn’t believe that Tamra thought he’d purposely send a d*** pic to a friend of Jenn’s behind her back. This, of course, is the same man who has told Jenn he’s a regular cheater. How dare Tamra think such a thing! Jenn, of course, sides with her man, but we’re starting to see red flags. Plus, Eddie Judge told Tamra that he, too, heard Ryan is known for going after married women. So why is Ryan saying Tamra is crazy for insinuating such a thing? We’ll have to see how the rest of that plays out as the season goes on.

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