Gwen Stefani’s ex Gavin Rossdale spotted on a date with singer’s lookalike amid co-parenting challenges

Gavin Rossdale, the former lead guitarist of the band Bush, was spotted enjoying a dinner Date in Beverly Hills, California, with a woman who bears a striking resemblance to his ex-wife, Gwen Stefani. 

Gavin, 57, donned an all-black ensemble and even brought along his petite canine companion for the evening out. His companion was equally well-dressed, with her blond hair stylishly clipped up.

Gavin and Gwen, who tied the knot in 2002, divorced in 2015 after thirteen years of marriage. 

They share joint custody of their three sons – Kingston, 15, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, 9. However, recent reports indicate that Gwen is experiencing challenges in co-parenting her children with Gavin, years following their separation. 

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani attend "A Night To Benefit Raising Malawi & UNICEF"© Getty Images
Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani married in 2002

According to recent reports, Gavin has been compounding the delicate co-parenting situation with mixed signals, such as commenting on Gwen’s appearance. 

Moreover, Gavin is reported to have made minimal effort to connect with Gwen’s current husband, country star Blake Shelton, further complicating the family dynamics. Apart from cursory greetings, he has allegedly avoided engaging with Blake.

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Gwen married Shelton in 2021, creating a blended family scenario. Despite this, Gavin’s avoidance of engaging with Blake has led to a strained environment, often leaving the children caught in the middle.

Rumours surfaced that Gwen hoped to relocate her sons to Blake’s Oklahoma ranch, where the family is said to be happiest. However, Gavin reportedly disapproves of this move.

Photo shared by Gavin Rossdale on Instagram on June 2023 with his three sons with Gwen Stefani during their visit to London© Instagram
Photo shared by Gavin Rossdale on Instagram on June 2023 with his three sons with Gwen Stefani during their visit to London

Gwen’s recent social media posts have added another layer of intrigue to this family saga. On Father’s Day, Gwen shared affectionate messages to both Blake and her father, Dennis, with no mention of Gavin. 

This post included a warm snapshot of Blake and Dennis together outside their family home, underlining their close Relationship.

Gavin Rossdale with his children and his first grandchild© Instagram/Gavin Rossdale
Gavin Rossdale with his children and his first grandchild

However, as Gwen and Blake navigate their family dynamics, Gavin has acknowledged their contrasting parenting styles. 

Speaking on the Not So Hollywood podcast, he said: “We’re really different people…I don’t think there’s much similarity in the way we bring them up.”

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Gavin went on to suggest that this might offer their children a broader perspective, enabling them to make independent choices.

Despite the challenges, he appears committed to supporting his children in making their own decisions, stating that differing parenting styles might “be really helpful for them to make their own minds as individuals.”

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