Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect Rex Heuermann’s Wife Files for Divorce

Police said in a bail application obtained by E! News they linked Heuermann to the case using a DNA sample taken from a pizza box he threw out and a DNA sample from hair found on burlap used to wrap Waterman’s remains. As the court document stated, “It is significant that Defendant Heuermann cannot be excluded from the male hair recovered near the ‘bottom of the burlap’ utilized to restrain and transport Megan Waterman’s naked and deceased body.” 

Investigators also said in a bail application for Heuermann that they found female hair not belonging to any of the victims in their remains. The DNA sample lifted from the unknown hairs matched DNA believed to belong to Heuermann’s wife, who was out of town during the killings, per police.

Authorities have ruled out Ellerup as a suspect, though they believe “it is likely that the burlap, tape, vehicle(s) or other instrumentalities utilized in furtherance of these murders came from Defendant Heuermann’s residence, where his wife also resides, or was transferred from his clothing,” according to the court docs.

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