Over the past decade, Below Deck‘s featured cast members are either loved or loathed. With outgoing personalities that tend to lean towards dramatic reactions, these yachties can either make or break each season’s run, as not all can be fun Below Deck cast members.

Sometimes, these hired crews members enter in with relatable story lines and frustrations, leaving viewers feeling like they’ve found an old friend. Other times, multiple toxic personalities exist and the season becomes hard to watch. (Here’s looking at you, bruh crew of Season 7.)

Exuding the perfect combination of drama and heart, these are the Below Deck cast members we’d actually want to hang out with (off air).

Kate Chastain


Like her or not, Kate Chastain was made for reality television. During her 6 seasons as a Chief Stew on Below Deck, Kate’s quick wit and confessional assessments of guests and crew alike left many in stitches.

Though Kate’s RBF (resting b***h face) and snarky attitude was often highlighted throughout her tenure, Kate was great at her job. Her skills at talking other crew members into dressing up and/or performing for charter guests (wallets) was also high.

Kate’s sarcasm and situational reads, combined with an ability to engage others, would make for a fun night out partner (just stay on her good side, as she’s always open to hating more than one person).

Courtney Skippon

Courtney Skippon/Instagram

Courtney Skippon appeared as a third stew during Below Deck’s Season 7. Here, Courtney’s declaration of hating work and people while loving dogs and resting immediately became a hit. Even Courtney’s casting video involved humor, poking fun of her ability to work hard.

In a great twist, Courtney’s words did not match her actual skill set. She excelled within her position, immediately earning praise from Kate.

Most importantly, in a season filled with misogyny and toxic masculinity, Courtney became the viewers’ voice, shutting down the “bruh crew” with logic and calmly spoken rebuttals. At the reunion, even host Andy Cohen was left speechless over Courtney’s way with words, leaving him to further call out the poor behaviors within Season 7’s male crew.

Courtney, call me to verbally walk me through my life’s choices. Or, come back for another season. Your choice.

Mzi Dempers

Mzi Dempers/Instagram

Mzi Dempers (Zee) appeared as a deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean for Seasons 6 and 7. Always positive and upbeat, Zee’s presence has lightened many tense scenes.

While onboard, “daddy” Zee has managed to keep the peace with everyone, never courting drama while always providing charter guests with exceptional service.

Internally, however, Zee isn’t always sunshine and travels. In a raw post, Zee shared more about his mental health journey. Here, Zee offered advice on how to switch your mindset, while encouraging others to find “windows of fulfillment” within their lives.

When down and needing a laugh or a spot of encouragement, I’ll take Zee.

Amy Johnson


Amy Johnson was a Below Deck stewardess for Seasons 2 and 3.

During Season 2, Amy’s upbeat personality was at first annoying for Kate to grasp. However, Kate had nothing but good things to say following Season 3, where Amy’s joy for life and onboard events aided in the guests experiences. “FOAM PARTY 2015,” anyone?

With her Southern charm and positive personality, coupled with a genuine smile that actually reaches the eyes, Amy can hang out with us any day.

Tumi Mhlongo

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Tumi Mhlongo appeared on Below Deck Under‘s Season 1 as the second stew. Time after time, Tumi was seen going above and beyond for the charter guests onboard. In addition, Tumi’s responses to stressors were filled with wit and humor, resulting in an overall fun watch.

Multiple scenes with Tumi stand out from her inaugural season, such as her relatable joy over tips and self-care.

Another fun moment was when Tumi and Magda Ziomek were joking with Captain Lee Rosbach over his star sign, giggling like school children. A final standout moment was when Tumi told Chef Ryan McKeown to “suck my d**k” in her confessional.

We live for this range, and we need Tumi on our speed dial.


A self-proclaimed momma’s boy, Deckhand Colin Macy-O’Toole appeared on Below Deck Mediterranean for Seasons 3 and 4. Unlike some of his toxic male costars, Colin entered in sweetly, taking criticism on the chin to gain skills while making friends on board.

Whether rooting for Colin to get the girl or weeping over his loving families surprise visit to the yacht, Colin made for lighthearted, fun viewing.

Though he’s no longer on Below Deck, we wish for Colin only positive things, such as a hangout with us, or, a return to our screens, should a toxic deck culture once again emerge.

Fraser Olender

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Viewers met Fraser Olender as a second stew on Below Deck’s Season 9. When he returned for Season 10, he stepped into the role of Chief Stew, and in our opinion, nailed it.

It takes a big personality to tackle the jobs given to a department head while also excelling within the realm of reality television. However, using his dry English wit and honed skills, Fraser managed to knock both jobs out of the park.

As he’s relatively new in this position, mistakes have been made, but with Fraser’s expected return for Season 11, one can only assume that his ability to lead will continue to improve.

Either way, Fraser’s ability to hysterically comment in a dry manner on everyday matters wins him a spot on our list of fun Below Deck cast members to hang out with.

Ileisha Dell

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Below Deck Sailing Yacht has launched a new star with Chef Ileisha Dell. Appearing in the currently airing Season 4, Ileisha is everything that is good.

Ileisha can prepare a meal of varying complexities like it’s nothing, all while remaining unbothered and calm within the galley onboard. When not in the chef’s role, Ileisha’s kind, easy-going nature bonds her with the entirety of the cast. Her humor and observations are often spot-on as well.

Basically, Ileisha can sit at our table, and prepare the food on top of it as well.


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