The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have seen many iconic cast members over the years, and some would be super fun to hang out with! Over the course of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons, viewers get to learn more about the personalities of the different cast members, especially those who make it far.

Many Bachelor Nation cast members are likable people, who are also relatable and down to earth. These five cast members showcased their fun side on the show, and we would love the opportunity to hang with them!

Katie Thurston

Bachelor Nation/YouTube

Katie Thurston exhibited her fun personality on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, and she seems like she would be a lot of fun to be friends with. Katie won fans over on The Bachelor Season 25, led by Matt James, after her very memorable limo entrance. Matt also picked up on Katie’s lighthearted energy, and specifically chose her for a one-on-one date that involved pranking his good friend Tyler Cameron.

After Katie was chosen to lead The Bachelorette Season 17, she became even more of a girl boss. Katie refused to put up with nonsense from her group of men, and called them out whenever she heard reasons to be concerned. Katie is always down to have a good time, but also knows how to stand up for herself and those she cares about, which makes her a Bachelor Nation star we want to meet!

Gabby Windey & Rachel Recchia

Bachelor Nation/YouTube

When it comes to Bachelorette leads we totally want to meet, Season 19 stars Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia also make the list. Gabby and Rachel won Bachelor Nation over with their friendship, after they both got their hearts broken by Clayton Echard on The Bachelor. Similarly to Katie, Gabby and Rachel demonstrated strength and confidence during their season, and quickly eliminated anyone who was there for the wrong reasons.

Gabby is known for her wicked sense of humor, which would make her a lot of fun to just have a casual hangout with. Rachel, on the other hand, is super relatable, especially when it comes to relationships. Everyone has had a bad heartbreak, and Rachel would be the perfect friend to have a good cry with. Gabby and Rachel are a truly iconic duo, who have brought a new sense of wholesomeness to the franchise.

Andrew Spencer

(Bachelor Nation/YouTube)

Andrew Spencer won over Bachelor Nation after starring on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette, and many even rallied for him to be the next Bachelor. Although this never happened, Andrew went on to star on Bachelor In Paradise Season 8, where he became all the more memorable. Andrew would be fun and entertaining to hang with, especially if he decided to show off his iconic British accent.

While Andrew is funny, he is also relatable, which fans saw during his time on Bachelor In Paradise. Andrew had his heart broken by Teddi Wright, and struggled to get over her for the rest of the season. Other women were interested in Andrew, but he was unable to move on from Teddi. While maybe not in Paradise, this situation is more relatable than some may realize, making Andrew another ideal Bachelor Nation cast member to have a heart to heart with.

Ariel Frenkel

(Bachelor Nation/YouTube)

Ariel Frenkel may be new to Bachelor Nation, but we would take up the opportunity to meet the New York native any day. Ariel made it to the final three on The Bachelor Season 27, led by Zach Shallcross, where Bachelor Nation fans complimented her on her confidence and kindness. While Ariel made the most of her own time with Zach, it was evident that she made sure to check up on the other women in the house and help them feel better when they were down.

Ariel also carried herself with poise, and did not even shed a tear after she was eliminated following fantasy suite week. Furthermore, Ariel communicated exactly what she expected from Zach out of their relationship, and proved herself to be very mature for such a young age. We can all learn a little something from people like Ariel, which would make her so much fun to spend a day with.


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