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Image Credit: New Line/Everett Collection

Art imitating life did a 180 when a woman died from logs falling onto her car on Tuesday in an accident eerily similar to a scene in Final Destination 2. A 25-year-old Florida woman was driving her SUV behind a semi-truck carrying lumber on a highway when she crashed into it and caused the logs to topple onto her vehicle, according to WSFA. The victim, reportedly a Fernandina Beach local, was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The horrifying incident appeared to be taken off the pages of a Final Destination screenplay, as the long-running franchise leans into bizarre fatal accidents. The second installment of the films featured a freaky highway death, much like Tuesday’s accident, when a character has a sudden premonition of a loose log catastrophe. Watch above.

In case you missed it, Kimberly, played by actress  A.J. Cook in the 2003 film, is headed to Florida for spring break with a group of friends piled into one car. As soon as the gang hits the highway in New York, Kimberly has a startling vision of a fictional Route 23 accident caused by a massive logging truck losing control of its cargo. Among the 18 victims in the deadly vision was a police officer, who was instantly killed when a log smashed through his windshield.

The Florida death is eerily similar to the logging scene in 2003’s ‘Final Destination 2.’ (New Line/Everett Collection)

The Florida incident was another case of art imitating life, as several tragedies in recent history follow the Final Destination trope of a person cheating death, only to die in a freaky fashion shortly afterwards. In 2007, a father, Elzie Bud Warren, and his daughter, Phyllis Jean Ridings, survived a plane crash after their homemade aircraft caught on fire, per ABC7. Four years later, they were flying from Texas to an airshow when their plane caught fire, exploded and killed the father-daughter pair.

And in 2013, Jessica de Lima Rohl skipped out on going to a Brazilian nightclub after her boyfriend begged her not to go and the decision to stay home saved her life, as the venue caught fire and killed 238 people, per Vocal.  Five days later, Jessica was picking her boyfriend up from work, when their car crashed into a truck, killing the Couple instantly.

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