Fans Cut Up Over Nicki Minaj Chopping Her ‘Barbie’ Premiere Wig

On the heels of Nicki Minaj attending the Barbie world premiere, the rapper is the talk of the internet after choosing to chop the extra-long tresses she donned for the event!

Arrogant Tae Calls Attention To Nicki Minaj Cutting Her Wig, Rapper Unapologetically Owns The Move

The subject came up once Nicki shared an Instagram video that showed her sparring with her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Notably, Nicki Minaj is previewing a new project with JT during this time, and she also throws it back before posing with the City Girls rapper.

While a good portion of Nicki’s upload was all about showing how she gets down, celebrity hairstylist Arrogant Tae peeped that the unit she donned for the Barbie premiere looked a bit shorter and more asymmetrical!

As a result, he hopped in her comment section and asked, “Who the hell cut the wigggggggggggggggg?”

This garnered a response from the “Chun-Li” rapper, who wrote, “I DID!!!! WHO GON CHECK ME BOO????” Oop!

Fans Chime In: “So Nicki Actually Shredded That Beautiful Wig?!”

Tae wasn’t the only one who commented on Nicki Minaj’s chop job, as it naturally picked up steam online.

Check out what various Twitter users had to say down below while cutting up over Nicki’s “shredded” wig.

Humorously, a few users even imagined Arrogant Tae’s in-person reaction to Nicki’s decision.

We should also point out that Tae addressed Nicki’s cut beneath The Shade Room’s upload, remarking, “Things rich ppl doooooo.”

He was also sure to add, “It’s ok we got a million wigs anyway.” PERIOD!

As for Nicki, she played along, though she stated, “Wrap this up by end of business Eastern standard time bich.”

What do you think about Nicki Minaj drastically altering her beloved Barbie premiere wig?

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