Fans Cracking Up As Erin Napier’s Daughter Reviews Her Work

Ben and Erin Napier

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Ben and Erin Napier

HGTV star Erin Napier is gearing up for the release of her third book, “Heirloom Rooms”, which hits shelves nationwide on October 3, 2023. Her book is set to include photos of Napier and her friends’ homes (including some fellow HGTV stars), however, they are meant to appear lived-in and imperfect as opposed to perfectly cleaned, tidied, and staged.

The “Home Town” co-host shared a look at the final design of her book’s cover in a July 21 Instagram post, and fans noticed that in the blurb on the back of the cover, where authors usually include quotes from positive reviews from critics, Napier included a pair of reviews that hit closer to home.

“As a Mississippi writer whose every word is attached to home and a simpler time and place, ‘Heirloom Rooms’ is the book that I wish I had written. If I had known that unmade beds would one day be celebrated in a book, I could have saved myself fifty years of anxiety and guilt knowing my daughter, of all people, would make it inspirational,” Napier’s mother Karen Rasberry said.

“I like it. I really like the sheets and blankets and stuffies on my bed. I like Halloween at our house when we put decorations up as a family and we were having fun together. I’m eating right now, Mama,” Napier’s 5-year-old daughter Helen added.

Fans React to Helen Napier’s Quote for Her Mother’s Book

Although Napier didn’t draw any attention to her mother and daughter’s quotes on her forthcoming book cover in her Instagram post’s caption, however fans didn’t let it slide by without sharing their reactions to it in the comment section.

“Your moms words 😍 your daughters words 😍” one user commented.

“‘The Helen quote 😂 it has Pixar bloopers feeling to it” another fan added.

“Helen’s review is priceless! Looking forward to release day with gleeful anticipation!” a third fan wrote.

Beyond her family’s recommendations, many users also noticed that Napier herself contributed to the cover, with one user asking “That’s your artwork, isn’t it ❤️”, to which Napier responded, “yes!”

“Oh, I love it. You captured the title perfectly with the cover artwork!!!!!” another follower said.

“This makes me immensely happy! I love your belief in that rooms should have characters, and stories, and warmth in every nook and cranny. ❤️” another fan commented.

“The sneak peek of the cover has me so excited and emotional. I can’t wait to see the rest and can’t imagine the greatness we are in store for. You are amazing Erin! 🤍” another user wrote.

Erin Napier Explains Why She Wrote ‘Heirloom Rooms’

Napier described her motivation behind writing a book full of imperfect interior photos in a February 8 Instagram post, where she also shared her book’s preface.

“I felt like I was forgetting parts of my childhood,” Napier wrote, “I want to document the best years of our lives with little children in our home, for us and for them.”

Napier also included two of her own childhood photos, which gave a peek into the home she grew up in.


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