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Last season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, a highly-decorated private investigator by the name of Bo Dietl took center stage. How exactly did Bo get wrapped up in a Housewives narrative you ask? Simply put, Bo is friends with Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice‘s new husband.

During Season 13, viewers saw Luis tell Teresa at Dolores Catania‘s prohibition party that Bo “knows s**t about everybody in this room.” Luis then went on to claim that he had hired his pal Bo to gain personal info on Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga, Teresa’s brother and sister-in-law, and other members of the cast.

As these families have fought for almost a decade, Luis’s claims of digging for dirt landed as expected; poorly.

Following the finale episode, Teresa appeared on Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen. Luis was in the audience. When Andy questioned these claims, Luis backtracked. He then admitted that he had lied about the alleged dirt Bo had on the cast.

In response, Bo spoke out, stating that he questioned Luis on why he would make such a claim. Bo stated that Luis responded with “Oh, I wanted to let them think that I got you in my pocket, Bo, and they got to be careful.”

On this, Bo says that he stressed to Luis, “No, you don’t use me like a pocket watch. You hire me. I do incredible investigations, but to throw out, ‘Aw, I’m gonna get Bo Dietl. I got dirt on every one of you, I got Bo Dietl on you.’ No, you ain’t got no Bo Dietl on you.”

Now that everything has been retracted and set straight, here are a few fascinating facts about Bo Dietl, to honor the man behind (a portion of) Season 13’s drama.

The NYC Police Department Awarded Bo 62 Medals

Bo Dietl/Instagram

Bo worked for fifteen years with the New York City Police Department. While here, Bo became a high profile detective, making over 1,400 felony arrests while being awarded 62 medals for his efforts in creating a safer city.

On a dangerous note, Bo was often used as a decoy. During these stings, Bo was mugged over 500 times, gaining 30 line of duty injuries.

As for career highlights within the police department, two events can be found. The first event involved a nun in 1981. She was raped and tortured in an East Harlem convent. The second was the Palm Sunday Massacre in 1984, where 10 people were slain. Bo’s work resulted in the arrest and conviction of the suspects in both of these horrific crimes.

Bo’s Film, Radio, TV, And Print Credits Are Lengthy

Bo Dietl/Instagram

In 1998, Bo wrote an autobiography titled, One Tough Cop: The Bo Dietl Story. This book was then made into a film called One Tough Cop. This film featured Stephen Baldwin in the role of Bo, with the plot inspired by Bo’s 1981 investigation of the young nun’s aforementioned rape.

Adding to his credits, Bo has appeared in three Martin Scorsese films. In 1990, Bo played a detective in Goodfellas. In his second film in 2013, Bo played himself in The Wolf of Wall Street. For his third film, Bo stared in The Irishman in 2019. as the labor leader and mob boss, Joseph Glimco.

On the other side of the camera, the self-proclaimed “wrong guy to mess with” has worked as an associate producer for The Bone Collector and producer for the movie Table One.

In the past, Bo was a frequent guest of Don Imus on the Imus in the Morning radio program on WABC radio. These days, Bo still pops up on the Fox News Channel, with appearances on Hannity and Geraldo at Large.

Bo has also been seen on The Daily Show and The O’Reilly Factor. He even once had a guest role on the NBC crime drama Law & Order.

Currently, Bo is the host of One Tough Podcast.

Bo’s Career Includes Political Gains

Bo Dietl/Instagram

In 1986, Bo received a nomination for the U.S. Congress by the Republican and Conservative parties of New York State’s 6th Congressional District. Though not elected, this was one of the closest races in New York’s history.

In 1989, President George Bush appointed Bo for the role of Co-Chairman of the National Crime Commission.

In 1995, Governor George E. Pataki then appointed Bo to be the Chairman of the New York State Security Guard Advisory Council. Here, Bo served as the Security Consultant to the National Republican Convention and as the Director of Security for the New York State Republican Convention.

In 2014, Bo declared his intention to run for the Mayor of New York City in 2017, against Mayor Bill de Blasio. However, in February 2017, Bo announced that he would now be running as an independent, due to a paperwork filing error.

Bo finished in 6th place.

Bo Is An Advocate

Bo Dietl/Instagram

Though he didn’t help out Luis, Bo‘s list of actual advocacy work is impressive.

In 2007, Bo helped to raise over 1.3 million dollars for The Cancer Research & Treatment Fund in just one night.

In 2011, Bo raised over $500,000 for The American Heart Association during their Annual Heart of the Hampton’s Ball. Bo’s assistance saw this event making more than it ever had prior.

Over the past several years, Bo has linked up with Abilities! Inc. and The Henry Viscardi Center. According to their website, this center provides “a lifespan of programs and services that educate, employ and empower children and adults with disabilities.” Here, Bo is an active contributor and has even served as their annual Sports Night Chair.

Following the 2011 police slaying of Officer Peter Figoski, Bo raised funds for the education and care of his four daughters. Bo’s contributions were in excess of $200,000.

To date, Bo continues to be an advocate for law enforcement nationwide, as well as for his community, as the safety and well-being of all within remains his top priority.


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