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Mama June

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Mama June and Justin Stroud are set to tie the knot in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Mama June: Family Crisis finale, airing July 14. June admits that she didn’t want a huge rehearsal dinner, so she has a pre-wedding bonfire party with her family.

Mama June gets emotional at seeing all of her family in front of her ready to celebrate her wedding. Pumpkin steps up to make a speech at the bonfire. “We’re glad we can be a part of your day,” Pumpkin says. The road to reconciliation hasn’t been easy for Mama June and their kids after years of turmoil, but they’re all Relationship-video/” data-analytics-trigger=”article-body-link”>in a good place with her right now.

Pumpkin begins to cry as she gives her toast. “I do appreciate you for trying to work on your relationship with us and trying to do better,” she tells Mama June. She walks over to her mother to give her a hug after the speech. Pumpkin tells Mama June that she loves her. They’ve come a long way, that’s for sure!

Mama June’s husband-to-be also gives her a special gift that means the world to her. Justin gifts her a Pandora bracelet to replace the bracelet she lost during her addiction days.

Mama June
Mama June during the ‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ finale. (WE tv)

“Justin knows during my addiction I lost a lot of my jewelry to my addiction, and one of it was a bracelet that had a bunch of charms that represented all of my kids and all of my grandkids. He actually replaced the bracelet and some of the charms,” she reveals. June added that this is the start of “new beginnings” for her and her family.

The synopsis for the July 14 finale reads: “June’s epic destination wedding brings everyone together, even Anna. But it’s bittersweet when Alana announces her dream college acceptance out of state. Just as the family thinks everything is aligning, they get the worst possible news.” The Mama June: Family Crisis finale will air at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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