Exclusive: Here At Last on festivals and the future

Here At Last are a boyband who from day one have done it their way. We recently caught up with them backstage at BST Hyde Park where they were doing a set, joining the likes of Take That, Will Young, Sugababes and The Script. Artists who have been in the industry years and who the band look up to and hope to emulate their success but on their own terms.

I mean, they are just incredible. Like the amount of times that will be in the car or to be blaring out their albums. Honestly, they’re so good. So genuinely, it’s like I’m more excited for their set than ours. Yeah, they’re incredible if we can ever like Don’t be wrong, it’s always a shot in the dark and it’s always one 2 million. If we could ever achieve what they have done. We can do it. I’ll do anything possible to get to that level.” Pedro tells us as we sit down with the band in their dressing room at BST on the warm but rather windy Saturday afternoon. Outside you can hear the buzz of the backstage area but inside the band appear calm and to be taking in the electric atmosphere of one of the most high profile festivals they have played to Date.

Here At Last are a band that are quickly rising and growing their fanbase through social media a huge 3.1 million followers on TikTok, and have two of the fastest growing channels in the UK on Instagram and YouTube respectively, they have an impressive 100 million+ video views across their socials. As well as doing gigs like BST and releasing absolute bangers like their latest tracksingle-god-took-his-time/”> ‘God Took His Time’ which is a heartfelt track which is perfect for summer. It’s original and very different from typical love songs that have been released by other artists. As it’s open to interpretation which makes it a personal and relatable track for every listener.

“We’ve got song called God Took His Time that we’ve been currently promoting on Tik Tok and social media platforms. However, we’re going to play that the first time today.” Says Ryan They played it much to the delight of the crowd who gathered to watch the set, and we could see quite a few singing along to it.

With the quiet confidence, determination the five piece show it’s easy to imagine that in 3-4 years time they could be headlining festivals themselves.

Honestly, when the band started, I thought was gonna be a hobby for those six months. And then all of a sudden, things started to move on Tik Tok, and I was like, wow, okay.” Zach comments

Doing gigs like BST is something the band are hugely appreciative of as they know it helps them to grow their fanbase and helps their music reach even further then it does through social media. It’s something none of them take for granted.

 “You actually have to prove yourself a bit more like when you’re on a normal show that like we could go on stage and we’re just standing there going like crazy. I mean, they really love to see us whereas here like you have to really like give them a shows and they want to see you again and they want that you have to really make a name for yourself at places like this. So it’s something that you know, we’re very very eager to do eager to please people so hopefully we go out there and people love our music.” Zach says.

Here At last are heading out on a UK tour later this year, you can find out all the info and get tickets here!

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