Erika Jayne Won’t Get Diamond Earrings Back Yet After Winning Appeal

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne might be celebrating a win, but she doesn’t have the trophy yet. That said, attorney Ronald Richards’ wife might need to pick out some new jewelry.

The battle over the infamous diamond earrings that should probably be donated to the victims of Tom Girardi remains a contentious point between Erika and … everyone else. Now we learn despite a victorious appeal over the baubles, EJ isn’t getting her the earrings back just yet. Page Six has the details.

Apparently, diamonds aren’t forever

Erika’s ears are still bare even though she is doing ALL of the things to get her studs back. In May, the courts determined the trustee in charge of Big Tommy’s estate “failed to show” the earrings were attached to Tom’s estate property. This means they need further evidence before the diamonds could be taken from EJ’s possession.

But an insider said that doesn’t mean ‘ol Ron removed the earrings from his wife’s head and motored on over to Erika’s place. Instead, the trustee is supposed to present “new evidence.”

The source explained, “The trustee needs to resubmit a more robust financial showing supporting the claim that the asset belongs to the estate.” This delay didn’t prevent Erika from hopping on Instagram to show the world her hot take of a victory even though a final decision has yet to be made.

Ronald purchased the reportedly valued $750k earrings for a paltry $250k at auction. His bride, Lauren Boyette-Richards promptly displayed her new jewelry on social media. Ron, who isn’t on the best of terms with Erika, said she is “misleading the public” with her post.

Who is misleading who?

Additionally, Ron said, “I am at a loss why Erika and her cohorts are making the claim now ten weeks [after the appeal decision].” Probably because Erika is like the Terminator and he’s pissed her off good.

He continued, “The court remanded the case for further proceedings as it had insufficient evidence before it to uphold the turnover order. This does not mean Erika automatically gets the earrings back or won the appeal.” No, but it means his wife is giving him dirty looks across the dining room table.

“Her reposting of these claims is creating a false record and its destructive towards the buyer of the earrings. There are consequences for impugning the title of the earrings that were lawfully purchased by the buyer,” Ronald shared.

“The one thing I can tell you is that they are presently on the buyer’s ears as of five minutes ago,” he quipped. And you didn’t think the wife would say quiet, did you? She flew to her Insta Stories and wrote, “Apparently, I’ve been forced to turn over the infamous million dollar earrings. Does anyone know a good lawyer? This is all according to @theprettymess sycophant’s post and she, who is married to a disbarred lawyer.” Ooooo, someone sounds a little spicy.

In a different post, Lauren added, “I do NOT have to return the earrings. I do NOT have to pay anyone anything.” Okay girl, calm down. Have a cup of Sanka and a cleansing breath.

We might need Scooby and The Gang to help out with the Mystery of The Diamond Earrings. Stay tuned.


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