Latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Jai Sharma’s mother returns to attend his wedding to Laurel. But, with an enormous rift in the family, will Georgia be made welcome?

This comes as Jai remains devastated by the recent news that Rishi is not his biological father. Furious at Rishi and Georgia for keeping this information from him, Jai wants nothing to do with either his mother or father.

Can Jai mend his broken ties with Rishi and Georgia before the wedding? Read our Emmerdale spoilers in full for this storyline below.

Lin Blakley as Georgia Sharma in Emmerdale promo pic
Jai’s mum, Georgia, is back for the wedding… but will she be welcome? (Credit: ITV)

Georgia returns to the village

As preparations for the wedding get underway, Arthur tries in vain to repair the strained Relationship between Rishi and Jai. However, his attempts prove unsuccessful, leaving Rishi depressed.

Jai is shocked when a taxi arrives at Mulberry, and his mother, Georgia, emerges. His shock turns to anger, and he demands that his mother leave.

Laurel desperately tries mend the rift within the family before the big day. She attempts to convince Jai to speak to his family, but he cannot be reached.

Later, a drunken Rishi encounters Georgia while heading to confront Jai. To Laurel’s shock, Rishi makes a hurtful comment about her past abortion. Georgia becomes furious at Rishi’s intoxicated outburst.

Rishi and Georgia talk in the street on Emmerdale
Rishi hits out at his ex-wife (Credit: ITV)

Jai’s biological father is revealed

The next day, Jai is astonished when Laurel descends the stairs in her wedding dress, looking beautiful. Their joy is halted when Rishi and Georgia show up. Jai is left reeling when Rishi reveals the identity of his real father.

As Jai paces restlessly, he can’t even begin to comprehend the shocking revelation. But Rishi soon becomes defensive. Tensions escalate between the three, leading to a heated argument. Rishi storms out, furious.

Georgia on the phone, looking panicked on Emmerdale
Can Georgia find Rishi in time? (Credit: ITV)

Can Rishi get to the church on time?

Jai assures Georgia he wants her to attend the wedding. She is grateful when he says that Rishi can come as well.

In the church, Georgia leaves a message for Rishi urging him to come to the wedding. Over at Holdgate, Rishi listens to Georgia’s message.

As the ceremony begins, Georgia wonders where Rishi is. Jai and Laurel exchange vows and are finally married. However, despite this joyous moment, Jai deeply feels Rishi’s absence…

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