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The second half of Drew Sidora‘s emotional breakdown from last week finished playing out during the July 23 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Drew claimed she was upset over a $1000 lawsuit, but when Kenya Moore told her that the cast would pay the person suing her, Drew said her feelings had to do with more than just the money. Apparently, she was also dealing with the stress of not trusting her then-husband, Ralph Pittman.

In her confessional, Drew revealed that it was during last season’s cast trip “the manager lady” was hitting Ralph up for “the massage”. And then, during her recent video shoot, one of the producers was “oiling [Ralph] down for the bedroom scene” before she invited him to go audition for the Magic Mike-like Vegas show. And since he’s in Vegas during this season’s cast trip to Portugal, Drew is feeling uneasy and “not trusting him”. So we really don’t think Drew was even upset about the lawsuit — it seemed like she was just having issues at home and didn’t feel comfortable enough to share that with the ladies.

Fortunately, Drew and Shereé Whitfield settled their issues (because there really weren’t any to begin with), and trip moved along. The next day, the ladies were planning to go out on the town, but Kenya slipped and fell outside of their hotel, so she had to go to the hospital. She asked Kandi Burruss to go with her, so only half of the ladies went into town.

While there, Marlo Hampton finally apologized to Drew for going off on her at the winery, and Courtney Rhodes suggested Kenya’s fall was a form of karma.

Once everyone was back at the hotel, Kenya returned from the hospital, but she wasn’t feeling well enough to rejoin the group. It was actually Kandi’s last night in Portugal because she had to get back to Atlanta to perform with Xscape, so everyone got together for a dinner in Sheree’s room.

The ladies ate some food, had fun, and asked for some clarification on a few things they were having feelings about before production wrapped for the day. But after the cameras went down, Kandi and Drew got into a heated argument about an incident that occurred two years ago. Someone must’ve taken out their phone and filmed the scene because viewers saw Kandi alleging that Drew and former cast member Latoya Ali kissed the night everyone interaction Sex-recap/” data-analytics-trigger=”article-body-link”>with Bolo the stripper. Drew said she never kissed Latoya — or any woman for that matter — but Kandi said she saw it with her own eyes. Drew kept insisting she never locked lips with Latoya, making Kandi look like a liar. Kandi said she hates being called a liar, so she collected her things and left the group in the midst of all the tension.

Finally, in the last few seconds of this week’s episode, the timeline flashed forward three months to show the cast reacting to Drew and Ralph’s eventual divorce filing. Plus, Drew was seen shedding tears when a producer asked her about her mysterious relationship with Ty Young.

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