Dream Below Deck Crew: Our Top Picks

Since its premiere in 2013, the Below Deck franchise has welcomed over 100 different crew members onboard. Some of these hired hands were an instant success, going on to star for several additional seasons. Others provided great entertainment but not great service, such as Rocky Dakota. Rocky famously tore off her uniform prior to jumping overboard in rebellion, only to return and serve up an appetizer of grenadine and oysters for the soon-to-be ill guests.

If we’re being honest though, we love watching these messy, mostly fun characters each season. As for the few cast members who have shown racist, misogynist, or aggressive undertones, they can stay away. We won’t link to them here, as they deserve zero recognition.

For their entertainment values, heart, and solid work ethics combined, this is our dream Below Deck crew.

Captain Lee Rosbach – Captain

Lee Rosbach/Instagram

Though he is not returning for Season 11 due to a series “refresh,” Captain Lee Rosbach will always be considered our “Boat Daddy.” During Below Deck’s inaugural season, Captain Lee was at the helm, corralling the first ever crew into submission.

With his quotable one-liners, Captain Lee became the face of this franchise, and for that, we’d want him onboard. That said, we’d refuse to invite him to dinner, as we know it’s not his cup of tea.

Ileisha Dell – Chef

Ileisha Dell/Instagram

Chef Ileisha Dell just appeared during Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4. In a refreshing change of pace, Ileisha did her job well without throwing tantrums in the galley. Ileisha poured her heart into her craft, and every plate that she sent out was met by satisfied charter guests.

As Ileisha made us want to grab her food straight through our television screens, she’s the one we’d choose to serve up our every whim while onboard. Our dream Below Deck crew wouldn’t be complete without Ileshia.

Aesha Scott – Chief Stew

Aesha Scott/Instagram

Chief Stew Aesha Scott is currently starring on Below Deck Down Under, though she first appeared as a stewardess via Below Deck Mediterranean. Aesha is filled with joy and never takes herself too seriously.

She is also incredible at her job, so we know that our cabins would be in top shape and that our mixed drinks would be poured strong. For her strong work ethic and infectious energy, we’d choose Aesha as the lead for our interior department.

Tumi Mhlongo – First Stewardess

Tumi Mhlongo/Instagram

Just appearing on Below Deck Down Under was Stewardess Tumi Mhlongo. Tumi never complained when her work conditions were rough, and her face always bore a smile. In addition, Tumi had a way with her words, which saw her never taking disrespect from a certain less than desirable chef.

Basically, Tumi is the perfect stew for our dream crew.

Kate Chastain – Second Stewardess

Kate Chastain/Instagram

Hear us out, we know that Kate Chastain is the OG Below Deck Chief Stew, and we know that she was incredible at her job. That said, there were many times that Kate hysterically quipped on her desire to step down and take orders from someone else (in addition to her desires of being the charter guest, which, same).

Watching Kate carry out Aesha’s orders is the role-reversal-viewing that we all need. Kate’s signature sarcastic wit and running commentary while in this lesser role would also likely be comedy gold.

Eddie Lucas – Bosun

Eddie Lucas/Instagram

Eddie Lucas made his debut as a deckhand on Below Deck during Season 1. He then returned as a Bosun for Seasons 2-3. After a few missteps in Season 3, Eddie exited filming, though he returned for Seasons 8-9, bringing onboard a boat-load of growth in the process.

With his humorous nature, and, as Kate once pointed out, “resemblances to a Kennedy,” Eddie is our Bosun of choice.

Nathan Morley – Deckhand

Nathan Morley/Instagram

Deckhand Nathan Morley was introduced to viewers on Below Deck Adventure Season 1. Despite being treated horribly by a (thankfully) fired crew member AND receiving an injury from a fall down a flight of stairs, Nathan‘s work ethic and love of life never ceased.

Always smiling and going overboard for his guests, Nathan deserves a spot in our dream crew. He also deserves another season, should Below Deck Adventure be renewed.

Connie Arias – Deckhand

Connie Arias/Instagram

Connie Arias appeared on Below Deck Season 3 as a deckhand. Though she only lasted for one season, this season was all that it took to forever cement Connie as one of our all time favorites.

Connie’s whipped cream bikinis and hysterical antics, combined with her status as a professional surfer and all around great human, earn her a spot within our dream crew for life.


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