Drake Opens Up About Why He’s Hesitant on Tying The Knot

During a recent appearance on The Really Good Podcast with Bobbi Althoff, Drake opened up about the origins of his government name, his new poetry book, and the best gift he ever received from a woman.

However, the most highlighted portion of the interview was centered around marriage and Dating, where Drake expressed his reluctance to get married.

“I don’t know. It seems like a thing of, like, ancient times or something,” Drake said when asked why he’s never been married. “I think I will eventually. … I don’t know, I don’t think I can offer somebody what they’d be looking for. Just consistency. I think my life, my work is my priority.”

He then jokingly denied Bobbi’s theory about him wanting to stay single to freely “sleep around”, explaining that he feels he can’t provide consistency or full commitment in a Relationship at this point in his life.

“I don’t wanna get married ’cause like, I just don’t wanna disappoint someone, and I’m not like, Amish,” he said.

When asked about his ideal partner, Drake expressed the he wants “somebody that’s like an individual.”

Wow, you really have high standards,” Bobbi said sarcastically.

“I like somebody that’s, like, their own,” he continued with a laugh. “They’re not just not like a carbon copy, like a person that I’ve seen a bunch of times throughout my existence. I like somebody with like a sense of humor, you know? I like—I don’t know, like, cosplay.”

Bobbi asked, ”What do you want them to dress up as?”

“No, I don’t need them to [dress up]—I probably will fuck with them more if they are into cosplay,” he said. “Not with me, just like generally.”

“You’re weirder than I thought you were,” Bobbi told him.

“That’s a fact for sure,” he replied. “You have no idea, honey.”



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