Doomed 90 Day Fiancé Relationships That Were DOA

While the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has seen many successful relationships, they have also seen a number of couples that ultimately didn’t work out. There have been several doomed 90 Day Fiancé relationships featured in the franchise. Many of the couples that eventually split were a surprise to viewers. However, there were other relationships that fans just knew would not work from the start. These 5 ex couples’ relationships were truly DOA, since they never stood a real chance.

Danielle Mullins & Mohamed Jbali


Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali were easily one of the most explosive couples in 90 Day Fiancé history, so it was no surprise to viewers when they split. Daniele and Mohamed had red flags from the start, as it was clear that Daniele was overly dependent on Mohamed for love and affection. Mohamed, on the other hand, never seemed interested in Danielle, which made fans think he was using her.

But Mohamed was by no means innocent in the relationship, as Danielle caused a number of problems too. Danielle lied to Mohamed about her financial situation, and often tried to guilt him into intimacy. Furthermore, after Mohamed told Danielle that he wanted to part ways, she went into a fury and began texting mean messages to Mohamed’s female friend. Daniele and Mohamed are memorable for many reasons, but no one ever really expected them to work out.

Ed Brown & Rosemarie Vega


From the moment viewers met Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega, they knew that it was only a matter of time before things went south for the couple. Big Ed traveled to the Philippines to meet Rose in person for the first time, where it quickly became evident that Rose was not attracted to him. Ed had lied about his height, which Rose noticed. Big Ed also asked Rose to kiss him, and while she did, it was clear that she was not into it.

Things between Ed and Rose got even worse when they decided to take a small excursion, where Ed infamously told Rose that her breath was “not pretty”. Ed even went as far as to give Rose a toothbrush and mouthwash as gifts, which many fans found to be disrespectful. Rose broke up with Ed shortly afterward, to the shock of literally no one.

Mike Berk & Ximena Morales


Mike Berk really wanted his relationship with Ximena Morales to work, however, their love was just not written in the stars. When Mike traveled to Colombia to meet Ximena in person for the first time, she genuinely seemed into him at first. However, Ximena quickly began picking up on certain hygienic habits of Mike’s, such as not picking up dirty clothes, that made her lose interest.

When Ximena accepted Mike’s marriage proposal, some viewers thought that the two might actually work out their issues. Mike claimed during the Tell-All that they had in fact worked things out, although shortly after they announced their split. Mike and Ximena never had any real chemistry, so their break-up was one that many viewers saw coming.

Kim Menzies & Usman Umar


Kim Menzies had high expectations for Usman Umar, most of which he never ended up meeting. Kim fell for Usman online, although he refused to put any sort of label on their relationship, merely referring to Kim as his “potential.” This was the first red flag in their relationship, which only became more confusing when they met in person. While it was clear that Kim was obsessed with Usman, he did not seem to return as much affection her way.

The former couple had a number of arguments during their first trip together, including Kim infamously throwing a drink in Usman’s face. Kim later returned to Africa, where she and Usman became engaged, although this was short-lived. The pair ultimately accepted that they had too many differences to overcome, and agreed to go their separate ways.

Kris Foster & Jeymi Noguera


Kris Foster had a tumultuous relationship with her ex Jeymi Noguera, which fans were not at all surprised to see end. Kris and Jeymi met online, and spent only nine days together in person before getting married. This ended up being one of their more minor red flags, however, as Kris began displaying concerning behavior as soon as she landed in Colombia to be with Jeymi.

Kris would regularly complain of pain, which had a huge effect on her relationship with Jeymi. After their wedding, Kris returned to the United States and refused to give Jeymi a clear answer when she would return to Colombia. Kris and Jeymi’s relationship just had too many problems, and no one really expected them to overcome them.


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