Doja Cat allegedly calls out fans for criticizing her over relationship with J Cyrus


Relationship with J Cyrus ‘,’1231554′,’′,’articlepage’,’/entertainment/hollywood/doja-cat-allegedly-calls-out-fans-for-criticizing-her-over-relationship-with-j-cyrus-1231554′,’Doja Cat’,’Content Inline Link’,’entertainment’,’hollywood’);”>Doja Cat is one of the most talented singers and songwriters of our time. But she’s also one of the most controversial celebrities in the industry right now. Recently the Say So singer has come under fire for her alleged relationship with J Cyrus. 

Doja Cat’s fans criticize her relationship with Cryus J

In Doja Cat’s latest single, “Attention,” the rapper proudly boasts about her ability to flourish despite facing haters. However, when some individuals criticized her rumored relationship with J Cyrus, she couldn’t maintain her composure. According to some posts on Twitter, Doja Cat was so triggered that she reportedly started blocking fans who voiced their disapproval of their relationship.

In November, news surfaced about Doja being in an exclusive relationship, but the identity of her partner remained a mystery until last month. Recent pictures obtained by TMZ showed the Couple on vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. However, following the release of these images on social media, various users accused Doja’s partner of grooming and sexual misconduct. Concerned fans immediately took to her profile, urging her to break it off with Cyrus.

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Doja Cat blocks fans for calling her out 

Doja Cat’s supporters have urged her to sever ties with Cyrus, frequently mentioning her in posts that include screenshots of the allegations. Some netizens are claiming online to have been blocked by Doja after calling her out for her relationship with someone so controversial

The Attention singer went as far as to reply to comments and block people who asked her to break it off with Cyrus. 

A user said, “Girl everyone’s unstaning you even if you paint yourself gold it won’t make thing better.” The singer replied with fury in all caps, “I WANT YALL TO READ THIS COMMENT AND TAKE IT AS A MESSAGE. I DONT GIVE A F*CK WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE I NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL GIVE A F*CK WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT ME OR MY PERSONAL LIFE GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE MISERABLE H*ES НАНА!.”


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A user even claims that Doja Cat reported them for harassment. In the tweet, they wrote, “Doja cat blocked me earlier this month then dmed me this. She thinks I was trolling her predator boyfriend’s live stream and reported me to ‘cyber security.’”

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