Does Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Want More Kids? She Says…

Kate Chastain is revealing whether her first few months of motherhood have been smooth sailing or rough waters.

Nearly three months after the Below Deck alum welcomed her first child, a son named Sullivan Cay, she shared an update on how she’s faring as a single parent.

“I thought after being a chief stew on yachts I was like, ‘Oh, being a mom, how hard could it be?'” Kate exclusively told E! News on July 26. “It is so much harder than being a chief stew on yachts. It really is, but I love it.”

Though the 40-year-old Pregnant-below-deck-alum-kate-chastain-is-excited-to-raise-her-baby-solo” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>previously said she was looking forward to raising Sullivan solo, she admitted she has been caught off guard by a few aspects of having a newborn.

“I guess what really surprises me is it’s not just feeding and diapers,” she shared, adding, “also the number of diapers surprised me. At my baby shower I asked my cousin, ‘So, how many diapers a day, like 3, 5?’ She’s like, ‘Oh no, no, no, no, no.'”

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