Did Ethan Slater make his Instagram private amid romance rumors with Ariana Grande?

The disclosure of Ethan Slater‘s Relationship with Ariana Grande seemingly prompted him to make his Instagram account private. Just hours after learning that Grande had moved on with the actor following her separation from husband Dalton Gomez, Slater closed off his account on Thursday, limiting access to just his 84,000 followers.

Ethan Slater expressed condolences to his wife of four years, Lilly Jay, on Instagram before making it public, but a source close to the issue claims they are already divorced.

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Are Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater dating?

Ethan and Ariana just recently began dating. The source from E! News confirmed that they get along well and enjoy each other’s company a lot. They didn’t start dating until after both had split up with their partners. Dalton and Ariana are still close, as mentioned in the report. Additionally, it is assumed that Ariana and Ethan met while filming the forthcoming movie Wicked in London during the previous year.

Friends of Ariana and Dalton have always been worried about their quick romance and thought it would end quickly, according to a second source from E! News confirmed on Monday. They have experienced hard patches in their relationship and struggled to find time for one another due to scheduling conflicts.

Ethan Slater’s past Relationships

In 2018, Slater wed Lilly Jay, a former high school friend. After growing up in Maryland, the duo relocated to New York City together. The Couple gave birth to a son, their first child, last year. Ethan and Lilly Jay were married in November 2018 and have reportedly split up, according to a source who communicated with PEOPLE.

Following his nomination for Best Actor in a Musical for SpongeBob SquarePants at the 2018 Tony Awards, Jay was at Slater’s side. Us magazine revealed that Grande and Dalton were divorcing a few days after Grande went to Wimbledon with her Wicked co-star Jonathan Bailey and was seen without her wedding band.

Ariana Grande on the work front

In recent news, Ariana’s relationship with Dalton has been making a buzz. The wedding of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez took place on May 26 in a modest gathering of fewer than 20 people at their Montecito, California home.

On the work front, Ariana recently revealed that she won’t be releasing any new songs anytime soon since she has to focus on getting ready for Wicked. It was revealed last month that the release Date of the first Wicked movie has been pushed back to November 27, 2024, from its initial December 2024 release date.

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