The Below Deck Down Under crew was hit with a tidal wave of chaos during the Season 2 premiere on July 17.

The situation involved a stew having to recruit a sleeping Captain Jason Chambers at 2 a.m. to help out. Thankfully, though, the situation was rectified before things got dangerous.

Read on for details.

The First Charter Guests of Below Deck Down Under Season 2

The Below Deck Down Under Season 2 crew —  including Chief Stew Aesha Scott; chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph; bosun Luke Jones; deckhands Adam Kodra and Harry Van Vliet; and stews Margot Sisson and Laura Bileskalne  — set sail in Cairns, Australia on M/Y Northern Sun, and for the first charter of the season, they were joined by a group of guests led by the primary, Carmen. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for drama to erupt amongst the friend group. As things got intense during their first sit-down meal, Aesha said in a confessional interview, “Oh my god. They’re on a superyacht in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and they’re fighting. This is a f-cking nightmare.” 

The arguing didn’t last very long, though — but the worst, it turned out, was yet to come. 

The Charter Guests’ Off-Limits Adventure

After drinking all day, Carmen and the majority of her friends went to bed. Brandon and Kristyl, however, wanted to indulge in a Couple more glasses of champagne as well as take a dip in the ocean. Laura shut the latter idea down. “You’re under the influence and there’s no one with you. We can’t see you,” she told Brandon. “It’s a hard no.”

Brandon ignored this, though, and instead told Kristyl, “We have to hide that we’re gonna go swimming.”

The two charter guests then jumped into the ocean, but not before stripping out of their clothes — making it all the more awkward when Laura confronted them. “Guys, I was very clear with you: If you jump in the water, the party is over. And I was serious about it,” she said. “I will need to talk to [the] captain.”

Captain Jason’s Stern Message for the Charter Guests

Laura proceeded to do exactly as she told Brandon and Kristyl she would, and went to wake up Captain Jason. Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t thrilled. 

“Are you kidding me? Really? This is a very dangerous situation,” Captain Jason said in a confessional. “I’ve got no deck crew, they’re all asleep. We’ve got reef sharks, we’ve got strong currents, we’ve got box jellyfish. Those people could jump in the water and not come back up. They’re my lives, it’s my responsibility, and I’ve got to keep them out of harms way. It just can’t be tolerated.”

Upon encountering Brandon and Kristyl, Captain Jason told them as much, calling their behavior “out of the question.” 

“Especially when you’ve been drinking so much,” he added before issuing a warning: “If you go back in the water, we’re going back to the marina.”

Kristyl, however, wasn’t having it. “On my vacation, I’m the captain on the ship,” she said. “You’ll learn it tomorrow.”

Captain Jason’s response? “We’re done. You went that next step, I’m gonna go to that next stop. So now, we’ll head back to the marina tomorrow.”

To find out if Captain Jason actually ends the charter early, be sure to tune in on Monday, July 24, when two new episodes of Below Deck Down Under Season 2 will air back-to-back.


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