Addicting, to say the least, “Sex Dreams” is the recently released single from Delila and we have got it stuck in our heads right now. With an unstoppable bassline, interesting lyrics, and a does of late ’00s pop, this is easily our new favourite song of the day. “Sex Dreams” acts as the follow-up to Delila’s previous single “killerkiller”.

Delila, an aspiring pop star from New York, has been drawn to the world of music from a young age, captivated by the likes of Hannah Montana. Standing on her makeshift stage, a black coffee table, she dreamt of becoming a pop star and entertaining audiences. Now that she’s come of age and now classed as an adult, Delila has taken her passion for music and transformed it into a reality. Drawing inspiration from her love for film and influenced by artists such as Halsey, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and Lana Del Rey, Delila creates a mesmerising world through her songwriting and sound. After years of honing her craft and writing numerous songs, she released her debut single “Mad World” in April 2022, followed by “killerkiller” in October. However, it is with her latest release, “Sex Dreams”, that Delila truly finds her confidence and excitement, eager to share her music with the world. With a unique blend of influences and a desire to transport listeners into her world, Delila’s journey as a singer-songwriter is just beginning, promising a future filled with captivating music and creative expression.

Written by Delila, herself, recorded with John Arbuckle at Cove City Sound Studios, and polished by the production team, Supperclub, “Sex Dreams” is filled with nostalgic late ’00s pop vibes surrounded with indie-pop-rock that subtly edges towards the mainstream pop-rock, of today. Delila effortlessly impresses with her vocals as they layer over authentic lyrics with some awesome vocalise that makes this instantly replayable.

Talking about the track, Delila said: “‘Sex Dreams’ is about an off-and-on long-distance Relationship, which left us mostly communicating over the phone. After a long period of not speaking, I received a text asking me if I was manifesting them because they couldn’t stop thinking about me, and I was in all their dreams. I wrote the song to say, ‘Listen to yourself and be with me’.”

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