A pair of exotic dancers were allegedly robbed at gunpoint out of thousands of dollars after performing at a club following the BET Awards last month, surveillance video shows.

However, questions abound over the integrity of the women’s story. Now, the two are revealing just what happened on the night of June 25.

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Surveillance Video Shows Armed Robbery Of Exotic Dancers Maiya And Ace

Now, Maiya Courtney is setting the story straight after she and friend/fellow dancer Ace Notorious were reportedly robbed in their Los Angeles’ Panorama City neighborhood, as reported by Fox 11 Los Angeles.

Both dancers tell TSR Investigate’s Justin Carter there could have been between $12,000 and $14,000 stolen.

“We were calling our friend to buzz us in (to the building). As I turn my back to punch in the code… all I hear is ‘Yo!’ as these guys come running up,” Maiya and Ace said.

CCTV footage of the robbery shows two masked, armed men pointing a firearm at Ace, who appears shaken. The men take the women’s luggage, with one taking Ace’s duffle bag of money and checking her pockets.

Maiya Explains Her Laughter During Robbery In CCTV Clip: ‘I Laugh When I Get Nervous’

Meanwhile, Maiya can be seen keeping oddly calm despite the situation’s intensity. One camera angle even appears to show her smiling before the robbers take her belongings, Carter reports.

Maiya explained her unusual reaction to the robbery, claiming, “It’s not like we were in a movie.”

“We weren’t screaming and crying. We just looked at each other like, ‘damn,’” she said. “I’m the type of person who laughs when they get nervous, like an awkward laugh…”

She laughs at everything,” Ace added.

Social Media Accuses Maiya Of Being In On Gunpoint Robbery Based On Body Language

The clip, viewed tens of millions of times on social media, and Maiya’s response have since drawn suspicion from online commenters.

“The woman in the green (Maiya) set the other girl up; the only one scared and acting surprised is the girl in the black sweater (Ace),” one person opined.

“I think the girl in the green was in on it,” another commented. “She was overacting and too calm afterward.”

Such accusations can be found in The Shade Room’s YouTube video comment section, Law & Crime Network’s YouTube video, as well as Fox 11 Los Angeles’ YouTube video.

Maiya Shuts Down Accusations She Was In On It, Both Will Pursue Gun Licenses In Wake Of Robbery

However, Maiya says the suggestion is ludicrous.

“This is my friend, my sister, my partner. We were friends way before this. It’s sad to see the internet say that. You don’t know what we’re going through. We’re already going through trauma (from the robbery), and for you to sit there and paint your own narratives, makes me even more depressed. Like, I’m already going through it.”

Ace went on to say that it could have been anybody, even patrons at the club, who may have possibly seen them counting their earnings at the end of the night.

“Me and Maiya were doing it all ourselves that night, we made all that bread that night DOLO. Someone must have been paying attention,” Ace told Justin Carter.

Maiya said the two are now “definitely” pursuing their gun licenses after the incident. “We’re not moving so freely anymore.”

Armed Robbery Comes Just Weeks After Targeted ‘Ambush’ Of Atlanta Performer

If you recall, 31-year-old influencer and performer Teisha Brewley — who went by the name Tavi Badiee — was fatally shot in Atlanta in what police call an “ambush” while riding in the back of an Uber in May, according to 11 Alive.

She had just left work at the city’ Allure nightclub at the time of her death, according to TSR Investigates Justin Carter.

“Sadly enough, some of these guys prey on dancers,” said Trevor Young, a security manager at the Blue Flame Lounge in Atlanta. “To them, they’re like walking ATMs.”

Meanwhile, Maiya and Ace say they will be depositing their earnings immediately after leaving work from now on.

They say they hope to make the money back in due time.

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