Colin MacRae Calls Romance With Daisy Kelliher ‘Toxic’

It looks like Colin MacRae finally has a stage to openly air out his concerns, and that is the Season 4 Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion. The chief engineer is coming guns blazing, calling his short-lived romance with chief stew Daisy Kelliher “toxic.” It seems that the ship has finally hit a rock, and not all is well between the two.

Sparks flew for Colin and Daisy as the duo reunited on Season 4 of the hit Bravo series. Although it didn’t come as a surprise, it was a moment of respite for viewers to see the chief stew leave Gary King behind and pursue a Relationship with Colin. Or did she? What fans thought to be the treat of the season turned out to be a curse in disguise.

Looming secrets and revelations tested Colin and Daisy’s relationship. But they turned the tide their way to try and make it work, ending the season on a note of further exploring their connection. What could have gone wrong? Looks like almost everything, as the chief engineer now calls their relationship “toxic.”

Colin MacRae can’t stay quiet anymore

Both Colin and Daisy ended the Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter season willing to explore their relationship in the outside world, leaving the high tides of Parsifal. However, when it didn’t survive the highest of turbulence, was it every going to stand tall in the real world?

Bravo teased shocking revelations, particularly in Colin and Daisy’s relationship, in the season 4 reunion trailer. Both the castmates didn’t shy away from expressing their concerns and airing out issues from the past seasons as well, giving us more to enjoy!

The messiest love triangle between Gary, Daisy, and Colin rocked the boats more than ever before. In the trailer, the chief stew noted “I can take criticism,” to which host Andy Cohen remained unconvinced and replied, “Really?” Frankly, I am on Andy’s side for once, because where did this statement from Daisy stand true in the entire season?

Colin proceeded to tease a big revelation that he claimed “nobody in the audience knows.” Prepare yourselves! There are countless guesses that can be formed with his statement but we’ll have to wait and see. Daisy, for her part, didn’t shy away and teased her own tight-lipped revelation from Season 2.

Just when you think all is said and done, Colin brought out more. The trailer ended with him saying, “This is why the relationship turned toxic. You can’t reason with this woman,” followed by Daisy’s emotional exit from the reunion. There’s definitely more to the story of this short-lived romance, but will the revelations be worth it?



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