Ciara Miller Reveals Where She and Danielle Olivera Stand

It seems the unlikely friendship between Summer House’s Ciara Miller and Danielle Olivera is only getting stronger. 

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In the July 20 episode of On Display with Melissa Gorga, Ciara touched on her Season 6 feud with Danielle as well as the strides they made during and after Season 7.

Ciara says it’s “crazy” how far she and Danielle have come

“Honestly, we’re good,” Ciara told The Real Housewives of New Jersey mom. “It’s kind of crazy how far we’ve come, ’cause I would say going into this last season I was not even thinking about forging any type of friendship. I was like, I can co-exist, I can have a conversation with her, but in terms of us really even being friends, I was kind of, definitely on the fence about that.”

Although Ciara apologized to Danielle during the Season 6 reunion, she didn’t expect to bond with the fashion app founder when they reunited for Season 7.

Ciara says her Relationship with Danielle did a “180”

“It didn’t really feel like we would forge that much of a friendship, just [based] on the beginning temperatures of the first few Couple of weeks,” she said, referring to Summer House Season 7. “But it really made a 180 [turn]. And, honestly, I can say we’re really good.”

Ciara said she has enjoyed getting to know Danielle over the past year and suggested they should’ve put their differences aside much sooner.

“When we think back on it, it’s kind of silly how it’s almost been three years and we’re just now getting to know each other and just now asking basic questions about each other,” she continued. “The main thing was that we never really had any beef — [there was nothing] that I did to her or she did to me. It was always based on the friendships that were formed in the house.”

How Ciara Navigates Her Summer House Relationships

Ciara said it’s difficult to establish a genuine bond while filming a TV show, especially for those who struggle with insecurity and trust issues.

“The trust runs differently and deeper, I think,” she said about building friendships on TV. “Because, yeah, this is gonna air in front of so many thousands of different people. It’s going to be everywhere and I don’t want to feel like my friend betrayed my trust in a situation. You want to be secure in that friendship. So it’s difficult.”’

However, Ciara said it’s become increasingly easier to navigate her Summer House friendships. Why? Because she adopted a “water off a duck’s back” mentality.

“I think now, after being in it for a while, I don’t take anything personal,” she revealed. “Also, I don’t care. You could talk sh-t about me, and I don’t care.”

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