Chrishell Stause Claps Back Following ‘Hateful’ Messages


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A DWTS alum is speaking out following “hateful” messages.

A “Dancing With the Stars” alum is clapping back after seeing some “hateful” messages and rants in reaction to something she shared on social media.

Chrishell Stause of “Selling Sunset” fame posted a pointed message on her Instagram Stories after something she posted upset some social media users.

“I have clearly activated the hateful trolls from my LGBTQ stories. Personally, I can handle seeing some of the most hateful rants towards me and laughed them off that you are so triggered by me living my life and find it entertaining that you still follow my story so closely despite that,” Stause wrote on her Instagram Stories on July 10, 2023.

“But just know that every time you try to attack me to hurt me – you aren’t. I am very secure in who I am and who I love. But what you ARE doing is encouraging me to be a LOUDER voice for those who your hate falls on who maybe doesn’t have the luxury of being able to laugh it off and go about their day,” she continued, adding, “Also, some of you just assume I won’t post some of these DM’s that could ruin your day. Don’t be so comfortable. You have been warned.”

Stause came out in 2022 when she went public with her Relationship with Australian musician G Flip. The two tied the knot in Las Vegas one year after they started Dating, according to People magazine.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chrishell Stause Showed Support for The Abbey & Responded to Feedback

The post that seems to have started things off was shared on Stause’s Instagram Stories on July 9, 2023. She reshared a news story about David Cooley selling The Abbey Food & Bar, which was apparently gay friendly, as evidenced by Stause’s post.

“Really hope The Abbey stays [rainbow flag]. Would love someone like @iamcardib to buy The Abbey & do a takeover. I’m not this big time but would def be down to partner with someone to keep it LGBTQ+,” she wrote.

From there, it seems Stause received a lot of responses — and some weren’t super supportive.

“For people who don’t like ‘labels’ — can’t it just remain a fun place to hand? Does sexuality need to be emphasized?” someone said in a message to the reality star.

“I also find labels to be tired. However, the Abbey is [rainbow flag] now and everyone is welcome regardless if you are or not. Saying something is LGBTQ+ is more about creating a fun safe space for everyone those letters represent,” Stause wrote in response.

“I am sure you read the news and are aware of the importance of having proud [rainbow flag] safe spaces for people to go to to not only feel welcomed, but to feel invited. I don’t think it’s too much to hope that one of the most iconic [rainbow flag] places falls into the right hands and keeps that legacy,” she added.

Chrishell Stause Has Spoken Out About Her Sexuality in the Past

A few fans expressed confusion over Stause’s sexuality to which she responded publicly.

“I just felt in this situation it might be nice to give some context. At this point I think some of you are confused or worried or all of the things,” she said on Instagram in May 2023. “You don’t get to choose when you come into someone’s life,” she explained about her meeting G Flip.

“I know some of you won’t understand this or agree with this, but for me it is about the person. It is about their heart,” she continued.

Stause has been very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in, which she has done a number of times on social media.

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