Carlee Russell

Source: Hoover Police Department / Russell Family

The saga of Carlee Russell continues and today we take note of some very interesting and mysterious tweets that the 25-year-old sent just minutes before she went missing for 48 hours.

Here’s how it started…

Seems innocuous enough but then…

And what’s even more curious is this one…

We say “more curious” because this was literally 15 minutes before she made the emergency 911 phone call that set this whole drama into motion. Even in the days prior to “the incident” there were numerous retweets about love, cheating, and being with “broke ni**as.” Now, these passive-aggressive themes are common in a certain sect of social media, so there’s no reason to read into them more than necessary. That said, Carlee’s boyfriend Thomar Latrell Simmons has now scrubbed his social media pages of all traces of his beloved after posting the following upon her…reappearance:

“She was literally fighting for her life for 48 hours, so until she’s physically & mentally stable again she is not able to give any updates or whereabouts on her kidnapper at this very moment.”

Take that however you will.

The bigger conversation around Carlee’s case is the idea that people will now be less inclined to believe stories of missing Black women in the future if this incident proves to be a Jussie Smollett-esque hoax. Natalie Wilson, co-founder of Black & Missing Foundation, is warning the public of the dangers of such thinking.

In speaking to TMZ, Natalie says that she has spent the last 15 years helping families of missing persons who don’t get the type of media coverage that Carlee has enjoyed over the last week. She says that people losing faith in those who need help amplifying their message undermines the work that she and many other concerned activists have done.

What say you? Are you jaded by hoaxes, or do you have the good sense of morality to continue to help those who may be in serious danger?


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