Bethenny Frankel purchased a “very special” and rare new bag — and some of her followers do not approve.

Frankel, 52, showed off her latest splurge — a $20,000 Chanel Birdcage Bag — via Instagram on Sunday, July 9. In her “first real unboxing” video, Frankel gushed over the eccentric bag: “Look how pretty! It’s a very special piece.” The accessory features a gold metal enclosure, crystal and stone embellishments and two metallic birds perched on a bar. Inside, there was a black velvet pouch that can “hold your cell phone,” and the clutch was finished with a chic strap.

Bethenny Frankel Fans Have Strong Thoughts About Her 20000 Chanel Birdcage Bag 2

Bethenny Frankel
Courtesy of Bethenny Frankel/Instagram

Frankel went on to justify her purchase, saying, “What we did sell ourselves on is that it’s a piece of art. You could leave this on a coffee table … There were very few that were ever made in the world.”

Frankel continued, explaining that her fiancé, Paul Bernon, “likes things that are very unique and special … He likes collectible items, so he always asks me ‘Is this a major bag alert?’”

Frankel captioned the post: “I love SPECIAL pieces. Do you like? 🥰.”

Her fans were quick to share their candid thoughts in her comments section. One follower wrote, “As much as I love Chanel, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Come on, now, even for Chanel, this is stupid.” A second user commented, “Wow, that’s absolutely horrific.” A third chimed in, “Sorry Bethany thumbs down for this one.”

While some did not find the cage useful or aesthetically pleasing, others recognized how luxurious the clutch was. La La Kent wrote, “She’s absolutely gorgeous. The birdcage bag is pretty too. For real tho… stunnnnnning. Obsessed.” Fashion expert Jenna Rennert commented, “Proud to say I witnessed this insane gorgeous purchase🙌🔥 wear in good health!!!!”

Although Frankel balled out for the famous bag, she is known to regularly review expensive items and share beauty dupes for a more affordable lifestyle. In May 2023, she took to Instagram to review the Valmont Moisturizing with a Creme — which retails for $200 — and compared it to Nivea Creme — which only costs $2. After testing both products, she preferred the more affordable cream: “This is a more hydrated side … The Nivea side is more supple. You should try this!”

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