Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel shocked Bravo fans on July 17 when she announced that she was reuniting with her “Real Housewives of New York City” co-star and frenemy Jill Zarin for a tell-all interview on her podcast “ReWives.”

After the podcast episode dropped, Frankel shared with The Messenger that it was very “liberating” to be able to have that conversation with her former best friend. As she pointed out in her Instagram caption, it was the first “one-on-one” conversation the two women have had since 2010.

“It was going to happen at some point but it wasn’t just that we ran into each other, we hashed it out,” Frankel explained to The Messenger. “But it felt liberating also, because when you’re a Housewife, you’re always waiting and begging for scraps from Bravo to say your piece. And here, it was freedom. We didn’t have to go talk to some executive and pitch this as an idea.”

“The podcast is not for Housewives, ironically. It’s about Housewives,” she explained about her podcast “ReWives.” “This is the first Housewife I’ve ever done.” Frankel said she wanted to fully commit to the interview, which is why they decided to fly Zarin in for the interview and were “taking care of her” as well as filming it for YouTube.

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Bethenny Frankel Said She Thinks She Can Rebuild a Friendship With Jill Zarin

Frankel and Zarin finished the podcast episode discussing their future Relationship now that they’ve reconnected. “We’ve been texting and talking,” Frankel told The Messenger.

“I told her we’d go for a beach walk, because I love the beach walks, and I’m sure we’ll all go to dinner and go to Candy Kitchen and we’ll be friendly and friends,” she added. “I think that I had a nice time with her. I’m grateful. She came in, she trusted me, she submitted completely, and she was a pleasure. And I believe that she was honest.”

Zarin will also appear on Frankel’s podcast on Friday to unpack the premiere episode of RHONY’s 14th season, which aired on July 16 with an all-new cast of Housewives.

Jill Zarin & Bethenny Frankel Discussed Frankel Showing Up at Bobby Zarin’s Funeral With RHONY Cameras

Frankel and Zarin covered a lot of topics in the long podcast episode that marked their reconciliation, but perhaps one of the most talked about moments came when they discussed Frankel showing up with cameras to Bobby Zarin’s funeral.

Frankel and Zarin feuded in the third season of the show but perhaps their greatest fallout came after Frankel showed up to Zarin’s late husband Bobby Zarin’s funeral along with cameras filming the 10th season of RHONY. Zarin later accused Frankel of “using” her and the event for publicity in an interview with Page Six.

However, during their discussion on “ReWives,” Zarin confirmed that she had no idea the cameras were there and Bravo never got a release from her and she wasn’t on a mic. Frankel claimed that Andy Cohen told her Zarin was on board with it and blasted the network as “disgusting” for pulling that move before apologizing to her former co-star.

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