Bethenny Frankel Blames Andy Cohen For Her Marriage To Jason Hoppy – And It Still Pisses Her Off!

Bethenny Frankel has a bone (or two!) to pick with Andy Cohen.

The longtime now-former star of the Real Housewives of New York City hosted former co-star Jill Zarin on the latest episode of her popular podcast Just B. And while that meeting was much-anticipated for many reasons regarding Frankel’s notable history with Zarin, the two RHONY vets also discussed some of Bethenny’s love moves! And it sounds like the Bravo exec got caught up in the crosshairs of this one!!

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While chatting about Relationships during the show, the Skinnygirl founder dropped in a quick and cutting line about the Watch What Happens Live host. Blink and you would have missed it — but we didn’t!

The 52-year-old Frankel said this in regards to her controversial ex-husband Jason Hoppy:

“Andy told me to marry Jason, so, there we go. F**king worst idea in history.”


Of course, Frankel and the 52-year-old Hoppy married in a lavish TV wedding way back in 2010 and then welcomed now-13-year-old daughter Bryn not long after. But by December 2012, they were separated, and Frankel officially filed for divorce in January of 2013. Years of nasty custody proceedings followed that before a financial settlement in 2016 and then — nearly an entire decade later — a fully-finalized divorce in January of 2021.

Bethenny also went on to accuse Hoppy of stalking, taunting, and harassing her! He got arrested for it and eventually copped to a plea deal over the supposed claims, problems with “abusive emails,” and much more. So, yeah, the whole thing got pretty damn nasty. No wonder Bethenny isn’t happy about it! Sounds like that one is on you, Andy!!!

Thankfully, Frankel is now engaged to Paul Bernon, who she first started Dating in 2018. That seems to be going well. But she’s got a good memory, and it appears Cohen will have to pay for that initial advice! LOLz!

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But even more interestingly, that wasn’t the only time Bethenny blamed Andy on this week’s podcast!! While talking to Jill about her husband Bobby Zarin‘s 2018 death and funeral, Bethenny explained it was Andy who told her to film the wake for RHONY content! Of course, cameras were infamously present at Bobby’s remembrance, and the ensuing falling-out between Bethenny and Jill was a years-long drama that Bravo fans know well. But it started because of Andy, Frankel claimed on this week’s show!

She explained what happened when she first learned Bobby had passed in 2018 after his battle with cancer:

“Andy Cohen texts me and calls me, I’m in a nail salon in Aspen, says Bobby passed away. … Andy says to me something about it, and again, this is me being 1,000 percent honest. First of all, Bobby liked the show. It was part of our experience. It’s good content. It doesn’t have anything to do with you [Jill] being a good person and loving your husband. You wanted it filmed. You wanted it filmed too.”

Then, she continued:

“Andy said to me that when Bobby was in the hospital, or when he was sick, that you [Jill] said to him that [Bobby] would love for you to cover this.”

The 59-year-old Zarin confirmed that ask was “true,” and that she wanted “to do something” for Bobby’s memorial.

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However, Frankel claims that “something” was pushed by Andy as reality TV content for the show:

“But then [Andy] said, ‘Jill said you can bring the cameras to the funeral.’ That’s what he said to me.”

Jill replied:

“If that was true, would they need a release from me to get my voice on camera? Would they need a release from me? … Do they have one? I will tell you they do not. And I heard you on his show punt the ball to him when this came up, because you weren’t going to lie. And you said, ‘You answer the question.’ He was making it like I knew what was going on.”

Zarin then added:

“If I tell you there is no release, you have to know I didn’t know.”

To which Frankel concluded:

“What you’re saying is that I ambushed a funeral for f**king reality television. That’s disgusting.”


Forget about catching strays — Andy is out here as the target! Times TWO!! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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