Gary King‘s fling with Mads Herrera? That ship has definitely sailed.

Following their no-strings-attached season four boatmance, the Below Deck Sailing Yacht costars confronted each other about their casual hookups during the Bravo series’ July 17 reunion episode.

Today, Mads maintains she was just having fun and never wanted anything serious with the deck lead.

“I am a very detached kind of person and I like to stay in control of situations,” she told host Andy Cohen, “and I personally felt in control of the situation.”

However, Gary seemed to think Mads was more interested in him than she admitted.

“It was strange because she would come into my bed every night and try to have Sex with me,” he claimed, “so that’s what puzzled my mind, to be honest with you.”

The jab did not sit well with Mads, who angrily fired back, “F–king please, you’re really gonna say that?” 

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