Below Deck Ships Ranked by Luxury and Style

Below Deck premiered on Bravo in 2013, showcasing luxury yachts sailing through exotic locations. Multiple spin-offs emerged following its success. Below Deck Mediterranean premiered in 2016, followed by Below Deck Sailing Yacht in 2020. In 2022, Below Deck Down Under aired, joined several months later by Below Deck Adventure.

To Date, 16 yachts have been introduced via this series, though zero come cheaply. In addition to the base weekly costs listed by Yacht Charter Fleet, guests also have to factor in the added expenses of tips, fuel, food and docking fees.

For your daydreaming assistance, here are the 16 current Below Deck ships ranked by luxury and style (cries in broke).

Below Deck (Original) Seasons 4, 5, 7: VALOR

Baker Manning/Instagram

Valor (registered as BG) sits at a mere (ha) $157,000 per week charter. Though Valor was built in 1990, it has undergone several interior “refreshes.” The accents onboard follow a minimalist style, with black and white artwork, dark woods tones, and bright aesthetics throughout the interior and exterior spaces.

Below Deck (Original) Season 2: OHANA

Star Diamond Yacht/Instagram

A week onboard Ohana (registered under Star Diamond) starts at $160,000. Ohana first set sail in 1998, with a complete refit in 2022. The interior features a clean, modern style with enough outdoor spaces for everyone onboard to find solitary refuge. This yacht is also equipped with underwater lights, which cast warm hues across the ocean.

Below Deck (Original) Season 3: Eros

Charter World/Instagram

Eros (registered under Stay Salty) is up next, though you’ll need to cough up $160,000 to step onboard. Built in 2010, Eros has a timeless interior styling, complete with wood paneling and a neutral color palette. A sauna is also included to help charter guests detox and regenerate.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2: Northern Sun

Classic Yachts/Instagram

The Northern Sun can be yours for just over $161,000 a week. This is an older boat, built in 1976 with a rebuild in 2007. Here, interior walls and fabrics are warm and inviting, with wood paneling seen throughout. An ice-strengthened hull surrounds this yacht, making her able to traverse safely through extreme waters to reach any adventurous location desired.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1: Ionian Princess

Baroque Yachts/Instagram

The Ionian Princess started the Below Deck Mediterranean series, but it is not available for charters. Prior, it was offered at $165,000 per week. Originally built in 2005, refits occurred in 2016 and 2021. Her interiors feature warmly toned woods and comfortable furnishings. She contains one of the largest sundecks for her size, and ranks high on the list of the best of the Below Deck ships.

Below Deck (Original) Season 1: Honor

Emperio Yachting Alliance/Instagram

Honor (registered as Barents) sets its 12 guests back $174,000 per week. First built in 1999 and refit in 2021, this vessel’s makeover brought her up to modern standards. One look at her gorgeous interiors of marble and white linens will have you packing your bags…to watch it set sail from your couch.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1: Mercury

Carol Chen/Instagram

A week of adventure onboard Mercury clocks in at $191,000 for 12 guests. Built in 2001, this is a high-quality, Dutch-built, luxury yacht. With ample interior and exterior spaces, as well as every water toy imaginable, this yacht was built for fun and comfort.

Below Deck Mediterranean Seasons 2,4: Sirocco

Omega Architects/Instagram

Coming in at $202,000 per week, the Sirocco is ready for your 12 guests. Built in 2006 with a 2013 refit, the warm interiors and spacious exteriors will lure anyone easily in for a nap. If you’ve had enough sun for a day, a state of the art theater is also included.

Below Deck Down Under Season 1: Thalassa

Aaron Cooper/Instagram

All that the Thalassa (registered under KERI LEE III) is missing is ME, but as she costs $211,000 per week to charter, we will continue to remain two ships passing in the night. Able to accommodate 12 guests, this 2001 built vessel comes equipped with an expansive beauty salon, a massage room, and a movie theater. With rich wood tones and darker fabrics, she’s cozy indeed, and one of the nicest of the Below Deck ships.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7: Home

Ibiza Yachting Group/Instagram

For a mere $2450,000 per week, motor yacht Home can accommodate you and your 11 closest richest friends. Newly built in 2017, Home has all of the bells and whistles, including sleek, modern interiors and an adrenaline seeking Flyboard for the deckhands to drag out for your personal usage.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5: The Wellington

MY The Wellesley/Instagram

While The Wellington (registered as The Wellesley) costs just over $258,000 each week to charter, you and your 11 guests will likely find its chic 2016 interior refit to your liking. Onboard, marble accents and ample alfresco decks abound. If I can ever afford this, I’m taking the since-fired Hannah Ferrier with me, as Hannah deserves a better ending on this yacht.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 3: Talisman Maiton

Yacht Harbour/Instagram

Built in 2006 and refit in 2016, the Talisman Maiton hosts 12 guests for $259,500 a week. Boasting a modern interior of dark hues, darker marble accents, and crisp white linens, this yacht screams opulence. With two tenders and all of the water toys imaginable, you’d be hard pressed to find faults onboard.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Seasons 1-4: Parsifal III

Captain Glenn Shephard/Instagram

Known as the only yacht for this spin-off, the Parsifal 111 gives main character energy. Though Season 4 saw engine issues arise, Captain Glenn Shephard stated during the reunion that fixes were made. Therefore, her weekly cost of $264,000 shouldn’t see you or your 11 guests stranded as you wine and dine in it’s inviting entertaining spaces.

Below Deck (Original) Seasons 6,8,9: My Seanna

MY Seanna/Instagram

My Seanna costs $275,000 per week to charter 12 guests. Refit in 2021, this opulent yacht contains ornate interiors and shinny fittings that have been brushed in 22-carat gold. Yes, gold. The included beach club area is also a nice touch.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6: Lady Michelle


Clocking in at at $325,000 for a week-long charter for 12 is the Lady Michelle. Onboard, every water toy, including scuba diving equipment and fishing gear, plus a beach club, exists. With an outdoor movie theater and interior space a plenty, this yacht can take our money.

Below Deck (Original) Season 10: St. David

Port Adriano/Instagram

Weighing in as the largest of the Below Deck ships is St. David. With a price tag of $365,00 per week to step onboard with 12 guests, you can guarantee that every amenity will be at your fingertips. The 3-deck tall spiraled staircase is gorgeous, but if you’re drinking, watch your step. Built in 2008, this yacht can also host 14 crew members for all of your espresso martini needs.


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