BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty shares update on debilitating condition – fans react


Naga Munchetty has previously shared her struggles with the painful uterine condition adenomyosis and at the weekend, she revealed she soon would be talking about a huge step forward in awareness for the condition

Taking to Twitter, the presenter shared a link to the government’s Women’s Health Strategy website. She captioned it: “At last! Adenomyosis is given attention on the NHS England website”. 

WATCH: Naga Munchetty opens up about adenomyosis diagnosis

The star went on, referring to her BBC Radio 5 weekday show: “We’ll talk about this more on @BBC5live with Health Minister Maria Caulfield on Monday at 11.00”. 

naga munchetty charlie stayt on bbc breakfast sofa© BBC
The star with co-host Charlie Stayt

Naga’s followers were delighted about the news, with one commenting: “It’s about time! Thank you @TVNaga01 for your advocacy and for putting your head above the parapet!” Another responded: “Finally!! Well done @TVNaga01 for highlighting #adenomyosis”.

Naga in an emerald dress© Getty
Naga has been candid about her health struggles

Last month, Naga went into more detail about her “debilitating” symptoms and the lengths she has to go to in order to manage them. 

In a heartfelt interview with The Times, the journalist revealed that she “loads herself up on painkillers” to get through the show. 

naga munchetty from bbc breakfast posing in her garden© Instagram
Naga has bravely spoken out about her debilitating womb condition

Speaking about her symptoms, she said: “When I talk about debilitating pain I mean going to bed and flooding, so I have to set an alarm every three hours, lie on a towel and wear a sanitary towel as well as a super plus tampon.” 

Naga posted an update to social media

She went on to explain how difficult it is to concentrate on her job when she’s experiencing intense pain. 

“I’ve been in pain on the BBC Breakfast sofa and doing my radio show where I’ve not been ‘in the room,'” she said, adding that she “loads herself up on painkillers,” taking four to six paracetamol and a Couple of ibuprofen over the course of a day. 

Naga Munchetty attends the National Television Awards in 2017© Getty
Naga at the National Television Awards in 2017

Explaining that doctors didn’t take her debilitating adenomyosis symptoms seriously when she was growing up, she revealed that she was told that her pain may ease after having children.

Ben Thompson and Naga Munchetty© BBC
Naga presenting alongside Ben Thompson

“I was always told, ‘You’re just unlucky. It might get better when you have children,'” she said. Naga, who lives in Hertfordshire with her TV director husband, has been very open about her decision not to have children in the past. 

“We never tried and I never miscarried, we just never really wanted them,” she previously said. 

James Haggar and Naga Munchetty attend the British Academy Television Craft Awards in 2017© Getty
Naga with her husband James Haggar

“We kept putting the decision off, then life got better for us, we became more selfish . . . and just didn’t find the time.” The 48-year-old first opened up about her diagnosis in May. 

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She told her Radio 5 Live listeners: “Right now as I sit here talking to you: I am in pain. Constant, nagging pain. In my uterus. Around my pelvis. Sometimes it runs down my thighs. And I’ll have some level of pain for the entire show and for the rest of the day until I go to sleep.” 

Naga Munchetty walking past a sign saying BBC © Getty
Naga is a fan favourite at the BBC

She went on to say that she avoids wearing “light-coloured trousers” while presenting BBC Breakfast as she is “so afraid” of leaking while on her period. Recalling a time that she almost fainted while presenting the programme, she said: “I just said, ‘I have to leave’. And I went to the loo and I thought I was going to pass out, but I threw up and then just came back.”


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