Author Yasser Usman breaks silence over ‘live-in relationship’ quotes about Rekha; calls them ‘fabrication’

Relationship\’ quotes about Rekha; calls them \’fabrication\”,’1231469′,’′,’articlepage’,’/entertainment/news/author-yasser-usman-breaks-silence-over-live-in-relationship-quotes-about-rekha-calls-them-fabrication-1231469′,’Rekha’,’Content Inline Link’,’entertainment’,’news’);”>Rekha was one of the most gorgeous and leading actresses in her heyday. Her acting skills have always been the talk of the town. To Date, her beauty is unmatched and she amazes everyone with her graceful appearance. But recently, the veteran actress has been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to some reports, the biography Rekha: The Untold Story revealed that the actress has been in a ‘live-in-relationship’ with her secretary. But a while ago, the author of the book, Yasser Usman broke his silence over the quotes about Rekha and called them “fabrication.” Read below to know what the author has shared. 

Author Yasser Usman calls quotes about Rekha “fabrication” 

The author of the biography Rekha: The Untold Story, Yasser Usman rubbished all the reports that his book claimed the veteran actress has been in a ‘live-in relationship’ with her secretary for many years. 

Taking to his Twitter, Usman shared a long statement and expressed his anger over the false claim. He wrote, ” The quotes alleging a ‘live-in relationship’ ascribed to my book ‘Rekha The Untold Story’ are a complete fabrication, falsification and misrepresentation evidently intended to create sensationalism. I vehemently assert that the quotes mentioned in the media articles are entirely absent from my book.”

He further added, “Furthermore, throughout the entire manuscript, the phrases ‘live-in relationship’ or ‘hermetic existence’ or ‘the biography claiming the relationship is sexual’ have never been used.”

Brushing off all the false claims, Yasser wrote, “These incorrect quotes are a result of poor clickbait journalism and keep on resurfacing every few years. If these quotes attributed to me or my book ‘Rekha The Untold Story’ are not immediately rectified, we will not hesitate to pursue legal action against the publications responsible.” 

Sharing the statement, Yasser Usman captioned it, “It’s despicable how clickbait journalism has an aversion towards verifying facts. And most often they target women. A statement.”

Rekha The Untold Story by Yasser Usman was originally published in 2016 and details the life of Indian film actress Rekha. 

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