Ashley Darby Shares Update on Relationship With Mother: July 2023

Family dynamics can get pretty complicated, and Ashley Darby can vouch for that. The Real Housewives of Potomac cast member has been open about the trying times she’s faced in her family, whether it was in her marriage to Michael or in her Relationship with her mom. (See the clip above to relive a particularly tense mother-daughter moment.)

In a recent Instagram post, the former beauty queen shared an update on one of her closest familial Relationships. As usual, Ashley was heartfelt and candid with what we shared.

Ashley shares an update on her mom Shiela

In the July 2 Instagram post, Ashley had a few choice words for her mother, Shiela Matthews — and all of them were supercharged with love and admiration. Here’s what Ashley had to say: “July 1 was a day this earth was blessed with a true angel!” she wrote. The angel in question? That’d be Shiela! 

Ashely’s post continued: “We had a great time celebrating my mom, and hopefully showing her a modicum of the love she shows everyone else! A huge thank you to our wonderful family and family [friends who are family] who turned all the way up with us! We love you so much! And happy birthday, my beautiful queen!!”

If you think the caption is sweet, wait until you see the video of Shiela’s birthday bash. The tented reception, which seemed to take place in Ashely’s new backyard, had all the makings of a top-shelf party. There were delicious snacks, fruity drinks, and bright decor. The icing on top: Trays of golden cupcakes, and tons of festive dancing. Who knew Sheila had these moves? 

The heartwarming post comes after some difficult times for Ashley and her mother, which RHOP viewers witnessed in the past. 

Ashley’s “heartbreaking” past

Back in 2018, Ashley’s relationship with Shiela wasn’t quite as solid as it was today. At the time, Ashley told The Daily Dish that watching the interactions with her mother on RHOP was extremely tough. 

“Watching the interactions that my mom and I had during that time, it’s still really heartbreaking for me,” Ashley shared at the time. “One of the most difficult episodes actually aired on Mother’s Day. So it was during a time when she was still going through finding a place to live, and I was giving her tough love, which was just as draining on me as it was on her. And to be taken back to that place, it’s very emotional for me.” 

However, on Mother’s Day of that same year, Ashley shared a tribute to Shiela that was filled with hope. “This is the stabilizing core of my being – the beautiful family I’ve been blessed to love,” she wrote, captioning a sweet photo of herself with her mom.

Despite any difficulties, she added: “Nothing will ever damage, replace, or rattle the bond we share. My mom selflessly raised us to be kind and fun-loving people, positive influences in the world. If you’ve been privileged enough to be in Mom’s presence, you’ve experienced her unparalleled ability to make anyone smile. Our relationship is evolving, and the process is full of tears, but the butterfly is soon to emerge. I cherish you endlessly.”

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