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  • June Squibb is an actress known for her work on Nebraska, The Humans, and Girls.
  • She has been married twice, most recently to the late, Charles Kakatsakis.
  • During her second marriage, June welcomed one son.

June Squibb, 93, has been in the acting industry for decades. She kicked off her career in the theater world of New York City in the late-1950s before she began to land roles in hit movies in the 1990s, per her IMDb profile. Some of her early roles included parts in Alice, Scent of a Woman, The Age of Innocence, and others. However, when the now 93-year-old wasn’t busy working on the set of exciting movies and TV shows, she was a devoted wife and mother. Keep reading to learn more about her two marriages and her only child!

June Squibb family
June Squibb is an Oscar-nominated actress. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Who Is June Squibb’s Husband?

The Oscar-nominated starlet has been married not once, but twice. Her first marriage was to a man named Edward Sostek, which lasted from 1953 until their split in 1959. Later, June married an acting teacher by the name of Charles Kakatsakis. Although it is unclear when she married Charles, their marriage lasted until his death in 1999.

“He taught me how to work. I don’t mean physically labor. I mean delivering what is needed in a part when it is needed,” her reportedly said of her late second husband, per IMDb. “You can’t just depend on instinct; it might not show up when you need it.” Not much else is known about their marriage, as June lives a relatively private life out of the spotlight. Although she has done many interview throughout her career, she primarily focuses on only talking about her work as an actress.

June Squibb’s Only Son

June Squibb son
June Squibb & her son, Harry Kakatsakis, in 2016. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

In Mar. 1970, June and Charles welcomed their only son, Harry Kakatsakis. Their adult child followed in his parents footsteps and went on to pursue a career in Hollywood. Harry is not only and actor, but also a director. Some of his projects listed on his IMDb include: Admissions (2011), What Future (2013) and Somewhere to Run.

The Admissions director has worked with many notable actors in his career, including Succession‘s James Cromwell. He has also wrote a few short films, per his official website, including In My Country. He proudly boasts that he is the son of “Academy Award nominated actress and star of Alexander Payne‘s Nebraska, June Squibb.” Harry’s website also features one sweet photo of him alongside his mother from 2010.

What Is June Squibb Known For?

June is a Hollywood legend in her own right. Throughout her career she was spoken about acting, the skills it takes to succeed in Hollywood, and more. A few of her recent works include: Summer 03, Palmer, Hubie Halloween, and HBO’s Girls. During a 2014 interview with CNN June opened up about her experience being nominated for an Oscar in her later years. “It’s different, God knows – and I certainly was never nominated for an Academy Award before – but it’s fun. I’m enjoying it tremendously,” she quipped at the time.

She also revealed what her journey as an actress has been like and how she got her start in New York City. “It was never a question of wanting. I always thought of myself as I am an actress. I went from Illinois to the Cleveland Playhouse and worked there for five years. And I went to New York from there. … I went there in ’56, and I was on Broadway by ‘59. I think I did five Broadway shows while I was there,” June said. “I did everything – off-Broadway, stock, anything you can possibly do.”

She concluded the interview by noting that choosing to work as an actress has had its pros and cons. “It’s been a wonderful life. Of course, it’s difficult – it’s probably the hardest career you could ever pick,” she shared. “But I’ve had a wonderful career; I’ve really worked a lot. I went to New York and started working right away. So I was one of the lucky ones in that respect.”

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