Emily Blunt and Daughters

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  • Emily Blunt is a beloved and acclaimed actress.
  • She’s been married to fellow actor John Krasinski since 2010.
  • Emily and John share two daughters.

Emily Blunt, 40, clearly has it all. The Devil Wears Prada star is a celebrated actress, having made her name in films including Oppenheimer, A Quiet Place, and Girl On The Train, among others. She’s built a legacy in the Disney universe as well, starring in Mary Poppins Returns and Jungle Cruise.

Behind the scenes, she’s married to fellow actor John Krasinski, whom she wed in 2010 in a private ceremony at pal George Clooney‘s Lake Como estate. Four years later, the famous Couple became parents with the birth of their first child in 2014; and in another two years, they welcomed their second child.

In July of 2023, amid the release of the highly acclaimed biopic Oppenheimer, Emily announced she’d be temporarily stepping back from her craft and taking a break to spend more time with her beloved husband and daughters. “I just feel there are cornerstones to their day that are so important when they’re little,” Emily said during an appearance on iHeart’s Table For Two with Bruce Bozzi podcast. “And it’s, ‘Will you wake me up? Will you take me to school? Will you pick me up? Will you put me to bed?’ And I just need to be there for all of them for a good stretch. And I just felt that in my bones.”

Here’s what to know about Emily Blunt’s two adorable daughters, Hazel and Violet.

Hazel Krasinski

Emily Blunt, Violet and Hazel Krasinki
Grgo Jelavic/PIXSELL / SplashNews.com

The impending arrival of Emily and John’s first daughter, Hazel, was first announced in Sept. of 2013. The couple welcomed their little one, now 9 years old, on February 16, 2014. “Emily and I are so incredibly happy to welcome our daughter Hazel into the world today! Happy bday!” John wrote via Twitter at the time.

Though the couple have kept their lives with their daughters extraordinarily private, we do know that Emily found her newborn baby to be perfectly adorable. “She’s just stinkin’ cute!” Emily gushed during a May 2014 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “She’s so cute. She came out, like, ready for a photo shoot. She was just perfect.”

Emily also opened up about how they chose their daughters uniquely antiquated first name.  “I find it really stressful naming a human being,” Emily laughed at the time. “So we went through a few different ones and John found it. We both really like old lady names, so….”

Violet Krasinski

John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and kids

John and Emily’s younger daughter, Violet, was born in June of 2016. She’s now six years old. After quietly welcoming the little one, John again took to Twitter to share the happy news. “What better way to celebrate the 4th… than to announce our 4th family member!!! 2 weeks ago we met our beautiful daughter Violet #Happy4th,” he wrote.

In a in 2020 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the actress revealed that Violet may have a penchant for acting — and accents. “My little one sent me a video — well she didn’t actually send it but someone sent it — of her singing ‘Jingle Bells,’ and she goes, ‘Jingle ol’ da waye!’ Almost like a Cockney,” she said. “It was almost like Dick Van Dyke singing ‘Jingle Bells.’ The craziest accent ever — it was kind of brilliant.”

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