In the four years since his highly-publicized divorce from country songbird Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton’s romantic life has been a riveting narrative marked by heartache, recovery, and ultimately, rediscovery of love. 

The Voice coach often remembered as an endearing country boy from Oklahoma, has journeyed through an emotional spectrum that is as profound as it is enlightening.

Blake’s beginnings were far from the glamour and fame he enjoys today. As he revealed in a candid 2015 Entertainment Tonight interview, he found a silver lining in child pageants, which served as a stepping stone to his future in music.

 “I was picking up chicks, man,” he jokingly reminisced about his pageant days, acknowledging the talent segments that offered him the opportunity to perform onstage.

From an early age, Blake developed a knack for songwriting, often drawing inspiration from his romantic inclinations. He laughingly told Nash Country Weekly about his first attempt at songwriting as a 15-year-old — a song about an unrequited high school crush titled That Girl Made a Fool Out of Me. 

Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 21© Getty Images
Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 21

According to Blake, it might well belong in the “Top 10 of worst songs ever written in the history of the earth.”

Blake’s love life took a turn for the better with the advent of his legendary mullet. As he revealed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the signature look positively impacted his Dating prospects. 

Despite the occasional heartbreaks, notably due to his early romantic exploits in Texas, Blake remained undeterred in his pursuit of love.

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert smiling at a red carpet event© Getty Images
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert arrive at the 57th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 8, 2015

A significant chapter in Blake’s romantic history began in 2005 when he met Miranda. The palpable chemistry between them was impossible to ignore as they performed You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma for a CMT special. Eventually, Blake confessed on the Behind the Music: Miranda Lambert VH1 special: “Looking back on that, I was falling in love with her, right there on stage.”

The Couple tied the knot in a rustic 2011 wedding on July 20th, symbolizing their shared love for country traditions. However, just four years later, they made the heartbreaking announcement of their separation.

Their statement to Us Weekly read: “This is not the future we envisioned.”

Yet, love was not done with Blake Shelton. Amid the emotional aftermath of his divorce, he discovered a kindred spirit in pop superstar Gwen Stefani. 

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gwen stefani blake shelton arms around each other© Getty
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Blake’s romance with pop superstar has added an exciting chapter to the country crooner’s life story. A colorful tapestry of love, music, and shared life experiences, their Relationship has blossomed beautifully since Blake’s divorce from Miranda. 

In 2015, during a period of shared heartache, Blake found a kindred spirit in Gwen, his then co-star on The Voice. 

Blake was navigating the choppy waters of his high-profile divorce, and Gwen was dealing with a similar situation with her split from Gavin Rossdale. 

Their shared pain led to a deep connection and friendship. As Gwen described in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar: “It was like being handed this gift of a friend who was going through the exact same thing at the exact same time.”

Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton on The Voice© Getty Images
Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, and Blake Shelton on The Voice

As their bond grew, so did their mutual affection. Blake’s admiration for Gwen was evident. “Gwen’s quickly becoming one of my favorite people that I’ve had the chance to work with on the show,” he said in a 2014 interview with Entertainment Weekly. This affection was to grow into a relationship that took the entertainment world by storm.

In late 2015, the couple confirmed their relationship status, forever intertwining the worlds of country music and pop. From then on, Blake and Gwen’s love story unfolded with their fans as eager spectators.

As their love grew, Gwen started spending time at Blake’s Oklahoma ranch, adopting a lifestyle far removed from her Orange County roots. 

gwen stefani sons blake shelton hollywood walk of fame© Getty
Gwen Stefani with her three sons she shares with ex Gavin Rossdale

The unlikely pair’s love for each other proved to be a driving force, blurring the lines of their contrasting backgrounds. Blake even introduced Gwen to the joys of horse riding, a leisure activity she came to love.

An emblematic moment in their relationship was Blake’s surprise proposal on Gwen’s 51st birthday in 2020. 

The proposal took place at Blake’s Oklahoma ranch, a location symbolic of the life they’d built together. Blake carefully planned the proposal, making sure her three sons were present, marking the importance of family in their love story.

Gwen Stefani marvels at major achievement with husband Blake Shelton

In July 2021, Blake and Gwen cemented their bond in an intimate wedding ceremony. The special occasion was hosted at Blake’s Tishomingo ranch, a place filled with countless shared memories, with close friend and The Voice host Carson Daly officiating.

Today, Blake’s life is less about chart-topping hits or coaching aspiring musicians and more about being a devoted partner to Gwen and a doting stepfather to her sons. Reflecting on this journey, Blake confessed to Access in 2023: “I got a more important job.”

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