16 Regular People Sex With Celebs Remix


“A girl I know was brought to a backstage party after a concert of a certain 2000s rock band. She said that the guys had girls pretty much crawling over them. They constantly took girls to the bathroom to fuck, as if it were as casual as taking a piss. At one point, two girls just blew one of the guys out in the open on the couch. Later on, one of the other guys straight-up fucked one of the girls against the wall. Everybody was extremely drunk and horny, but for the band members, it was just another day. This was pretty much what they had access to every day: an endless array of beautiful women who ‘begged’ to sleep with them. She said it was a bit of an eye-opener to realize just how much Sex these guys had with so many women, and how much people practically begged to fuck them.”

“The whole thing sounded wildly creepy to me. It’s not hard to imagine how they started viewing women as nothing more than objects in situations like that.”


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