While people aren’t sure what’s going on with Real Housewives of New Jersey, at least Teresa Giudice is still out and about. The show is allegedly going to begin filming for Season 14 in August, but reports aren’t confirmed. Fans can look forward to the entire cast coming back and I’m sure it will be a harmonious reunion.

Until then, viewers must satisfy themselves with social media and photos of their RHONJ favorites. Thankfully several of them were together recently and shared some pics online. Unfortunately, Tre’s followers decided to call her out for some incredibly edited photos. Again.

Who’s that girl?

Look, it’s safe to say you could potentially run into most of our Real Housewives and not have one iota who it is in a real-life situation. These days people filter their photos to the point of witness protection and we honestly have no idea what they look like in the morning.

With plastic surgery and photo filters, no one has their government face anymore. Despite the changes Teresa has made over the years, she is allegedly still changing things in photos. She recently posted a pic to Insta and people were mostly unforgiving in the comments.

Tre was shown in a pink pantsuit with cutouts and the caption, “Come on Barbie let’s go party.” We just love the originality of it. Anyway, her fans must have been having a bad day because the prettiness was lost on everyone due to the heavy filters. One fan wrote, “What in the face tune is this.” Keep in mind regular folks like us don’t have the pressure of 837 strangers a day commenting on our looks.

Bestie Jennifer Aydin also made it into some of Tre’s photos. While people were pleased to see them together, observers couldn’t get over how Teresa looked. A follower wrote, “Omg Teresa enough with the FaceTune.. you look like a cartoon character. You’ve had a whole face transplant and look like a completely different person. Why do you still need filters.”

To be fair, it is far from being only Teresa who uses filters. Presently anyone in the Kardashian family is the current record holder for all-time usage. But it does make you wonder if people are that unsatisfied with their appearance.

Teresa, Jennifer, and the rest of the cast will get back to shooting soon. While they may filter their photos, we can always be sure they will never filter their mouths.


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