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Fashion is everything it can comfortably be. The wide prevalence of season specific styles and curated collections point to the essentialness rested even in this fore of something interpreted in fancier terms. Fancy not just in the show and statement making possibilities of what fashion bears but also in the expressions of personality and individualism yielded as power by this forever trending pursuit in lifestyle. Fashion indeed is much about clothes and accessories and footwear and Makeup asserting distinctly in summer or winter and autumn or fall identities. The physicalities of these entities make them easier to be rounded up as fashion essentials that can be flaunted as per one’s style. And through such personalised take on universal identities, the abstract expanse of fashion can be more stylishly explored in being the truest form of self expression.

The sweltering heat of summers however might not seem to hold much scope for fashion. The dilemma is rather real in fact what with lesser clothes being the norm to provide some respite from the heat. But this greater baring of skin brings with it a different concern altogether- that of the somewhat appreciated tanning due to but an altogether unwanted fore of sun exposure. No wonder warm season fashion occurs as one tricky terrain that one needs to maneuver and still maintain their style. Summer clothes spin a separate world of their own fashion make and so does the accessories suited to this time of the year.

To be frank though, accessorising does not occur in much seasonal specificness really. But there still prevails certain styles and picks that can be tweaked to shine out as summer time essentials. Here’s how to make summer your season of style with some basic and yet outstanding fashion accessories-


summer fashion accessories sunglass
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To call sunglasses accessory is only part of the whole truth. And in their absolutely essential characteristic specifically relayed during the blazing summer days, they do not even assume identity in the most aesthetic explorations of fashion. Don’t get us wrong though, we aren’t saying sunglasses aren’t stylish- they more than evidently are. What we are saying instead is that they are way advanced in functionality to span across and even beyond all considerations of style.

Sunglasses do not need any special mention as well in being the OG of all summer fashion accessories. But they deserve more than any of that attention they duly receive. Available in endless styles and forms and sizes and tints and colors, made indeed to adhere to desires more fashionably unfurling as well, sunglasses are a versatile way to work style into your everyday strutting. Come summers and they standout in even more eye catchiness as well- all while well covering the eyes.


summer fashion accessories headgear
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Hats are also one very functional item of wearing. But they are more flaunted for their style even when their essence is one of affording protection from the elements of the weather. They also are only one aspect of the entire headgear identity that encompasses in fact diverse makes of such stuff that each attend to ‘shielding’ the wearer from a range of not just climatological but also cultural contexts of nonconduciveness.

Some styles and types of hats and caps happen to be more suited as utilitarian accessories in summer fashion. Wide brimmed makes hold obvious advantage indeed as they cover greater portion of the head and extends as well their shade to protect the eyes and face. Even then though, the appeal of their stylish donning is unmissable. They are a great way of adding that extra element to any outfit. They also can change the entire look by themselves. From sporty baseball caps to comfy sun hats, from standard colored ones to those sporting fun prints and scripted with quirky statements, the choice is even enormous when it comes to making headwear your savior this summer.


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Scarves are a definite summer thing asserting in the as definite moniker of summer scarf and there’s a reason why they are indispensable to this time of the year as well. Summer scarfs are a type of the greater category of this fabric arising. But they themselves have their own variegated range as well. They are immensely adaptable as well to the function expected of them such that has them assume roles of wearables or accessories or both at the same time.

Scarves can be used to cover the entire body including the head and face and hands, depending on the length of it. And no one need not walk around looking like a wrapped mummy in their summerly scarved avatar. There are endless ways to stylishly drape scarfs which is what makes it also a prime agent in ushering the aesthetics into fashion. In fact so versatile are these pieces of fabric that they can transform your entire style as well. Go for summer friendly prints or flaunt some floral fun with these lovely options in breezing through entire summers altogether.


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Belts again are very much a functional fore in accessorising but their existence upon this horizon is of a different kind. They do not have any obvious crucial summertime role to play except the year round resolution of keeping your pants in place. This might be a generalisation of the utility that belts dispense, in seeming disregard of their more stylistic abilities.

Summer though provides these binding pieces a kind of fashion identity that is more specific as an accessory. On the most blazingly sunstruck days when the very thought of having some not extremely essential existence defining your style sensibilities is way too much to consider, belts are one of your best bets in ensuring that the power of dressing up is not foregone. They might be essential to complete any formal attire but even in more casual, laidback instances of dressing, belts can be rather substantial in holding up your style and your pants.

Not just pants though, belts can be used to accentuate both the form and figure of the wearer and the flow of the dress upon which it is mounted. They can even find pairing with traditional attires like sarees and can thus make for statement accessories that one can easily pull off to put together a classy look in more dressy situations. Whoever thought belts could do so much and still hold so much space in them?


summer fashion accessories Bags
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Bags are a necessity that we entertain irrespective of our fashion preferences- or even an indifference to it. That does not make them redundant as definite holders of style. Thankfully there aren’t any seasonal trends ruling this dimension which means that you can easily make do with whatever it is already existing in your closet. However if your concern is one stemming largely as an accessorising need, some pickiness might really help your case though.

Large tote bags perfectly fit the casual summertime vibe while also holding all those staples of sunglasses, scarves and sunscreens apart from the cash and cards and stuff. Handsfree bags would suit your desire to go all out with not a care in the world as you enjoy that sunny day out. And if you are looking for the most accurate representation of summer in your fashion bag, it would be a nice idea to carry a basket bag or wicker purse around as the ultimate functional accessories of all style.

Body Chains

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Chains are more primarily occurring in their accessorised identity within the fashion understanding. They take over also quite a greater fashion area in terms of not just sitting pretty or bold around necks but also spinning the wrists and rounding the ankles and crowning the head and even specific jeans or trouser chains worn upon the clothes. This latter category would be a more stylised interpretation of the belt in the summer sense of what we have already considered. But there’s also another even dramatic option in making chains a part of your summertime choices.

Call them waist chains or belly chains or as the more traditional kamarband, these chains go all around your midriff to evoke a very sensuous fashion aesthetic. Summers are the best time to wear them with such western attires like crop tops that bralettes that leave the skin bare around that area. Or you can wear them with sarees not just in their traditional jeweled style but also in more contemporary iterations of them as chains. Body chains are another way to incorporate these pieces to make a statement and that can be worn over pretty much any choice of outfit as well.


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Since when has sarong been an accessory, you ask? The positing of it as a piece of fabric might lead one to think otherwise- or rather entertain the exclusive idea of it being clothing. But sarongs are surprisingly versatile to the extent that they can assume the accessorising character and slip out of it with as much ease.

The best beach essential, sarongs already radiate all charms of the summertime vacation that has us flocking to all places watery and sunny. There also exist numerous ways to wear sarongs beyond how they are conventionally around waists. They can even be the entire outfit on your day by a beach since sarongs can conveniently make for fully functional dresses. But of course what makes them more accessory like requirements of summer fashion is the kind of use they span as a scarf. Add to it the convenience of their one size fits all benevolence and sarongs are one of the handiest items to hold dear by anyone and everyone.


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