Kim Kardashian
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We worship the Kardashian clan for their iconic fashion, cosmetic and clothing lines, and of course, their flawless skin. The one and only Kim Kardashian has opened up about a personal favorite member of her Skincare routine, the Foreo Luna mini facial brush, so naturally, we need to try to get our hands on it. Think you can’t afford Kim’s go-to skincare tool? Think again! This Foreo Mini 2 Facial Brush is currently on sale for Amazon Prime Day and is 29% off the retail price of $139 so it can be all yours for $99 saving you $40.

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Kim K has some of the most glowy, gorgeous skin in Hollywood. In fact, Kim spilled her skincare secret on using the Foreo Luna Mini facial brush back in 2016, when she posted a photo on snap chat for the world to see her using the Foreo in violet grey as part of her skincare routine. If Kim K raved about it and it’s working for her, then sign us up! This Foreo Luna mini brush is one of the best on the market. It uses the power of T-Sonic pulsations and penetrates deep into the skin to effectively cleanse beyond just the surface. The brush has 8 adjustable intensities, as well as 3 zones of varying touch point thicknesses, which makes it adjustable and fitting to any skin type.


Available in fuchsia, black, yellow, or aquamarine for the price of $83, you need to try this Foreo Luna cleansing brush. In addition to the deep clean, the brush also removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil hanging around in the skin, as well as dead skin cells.

Kim Kardashian
Photo Credit: AP Images

Also, it unclogs pores and removes all Makeup residue, because we all know that even when you think all your makeup is off, there’s usually more lying around below the skin’s surface. Get the deepest possible clean with this brush by simply dampening the face, applying your daily face wash onto the brush, and moving it in a circular motion around your face and neck for about 1 minute. Couldn’t be any easier!


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