Shereé Whitfield Celebrates Granddaughter Mecca’s Birthday

Shereé Whitfield isn’t a regular grandma, she’s a “Glam-ma.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member assumed the glam moniker last year when her son, Kairo, and his girlfriend, Alina, welcomed their baby girl, Mecca, into the world. Now that the little one has officially turned 1, Shereé is getting used to the glam-ma life — and it’s clear that her heart belongs to Mecca. 

Shereé Whitfield Celebrates Mecca’s First Birthday

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On July 17, Shereé took to Instagram to share a tribute to the No. 1 girl in her life. “Sending my glam-baby [Mecca Whitfield] a very special happy birthday,” she wrote. “Mecca has hit 1 yr old?” 

Her heartfelt post continued: “It amazes me how much she has grown and how inquisitive and independent she is becoming. Mecca, I can’t wait to see [you] continue to grow and learn! [You] grabbed my heart a year ago and will always have it for a lifetime. Glam-Ma loves you for always.”

If that tribute doesn’t make you smile, wait until you hear about the photos. Shereé illustrated her post with a carousel of images depicting the little birthday girl — and each photo is more precious than the last. 

The pictures feature Mecca in stylish little outfits and cuddly Halloween costumes. There are several Glam-Ma/glam-baby selfies in the mix, and of course there’s our personal favorite: a photo of Mecca as a teeny baby, wearing a onesie that bears her grandmother’s iconic phrase, “Who gon check me Boo?” 

In the comments, “Mecca” responded: “Love you so much thank you.” (Because, of course, every glam-baby needs her own Instagram account.) 

How Shereé Whitfield Found Out She Was Going to Be a Grandma

In a confessional during the June 11 episode of RHOA, Shereé opened up about how she found out Kairo was going to be a dad. “Kairo walks in and he’s just standing there, and I’m like, ‘What’s up?’ And then he finally said, ‘I have a baby on the way,’” she recalled. “Alina was already four months pregnant, and so I totally felt like I was behind preparing for the baby. I don’t even think it really, really resonated or hit me yet.”

Shereé went on to marvel over what a great dad Kairo is. “He is so hands-on, and I love it that I raised him to be that type of person,” she said. “Even though when he first told me, I didn’t feel like he was ready, his actions are showing me that he’s more than ready to be a dad. Kairo is doing amazing. He really is.” 

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