Mission Impossible: Did Hollywood’s elite get denied entry at Tom Cruise’s film premiere over a dress code?

Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One was one of the most anticipated movies, being the 7th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise that started way in 1996. The movie had gained a lot of traction with Cruise reprising his role as the lead, and Captain America famed Hayley Atwell entering the MI universe, but during its premiere, something strange happened.

Hollywood elite denied entry at Mission Impossible 7 premiere?

The celebrated franchise is known for its Glam and action, so it was only fitting that the dress code for the event sent on the invitations to the Mission Impossible premier read, “Dress code: Evening Cocktail Attire (no jeans, no T-shirt, no logos/offensive clothing). Paramount reserves the right to turn anyone away for improper dress or other reasons. Comfortable shoes highly recommended.” 

As reported by Page Six, the New York premiere held at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater implemented an incredibly strict dress code, turning the event into a seemingly “Mission: Impossible” mission for some guests who were denied entry. 

Shockingly, numerous attendees were denied entry at the door for not meeting the standards set by the organizers. Speculation suggests that the organizers’ own fashion-forward requirements ended up causing a headache for themselves.

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A-Listers stay unbothered in the wake of the fashion police

While the insiders told Page Six that the screening itself went smoothly. According to the magazine reporters, they noticed scattered empty seats throughout the auditorium. Reportedly, so many underdressed invitees were turned away that a scramble ensued to fill the vacant spots, but the premiere was saved in time before becoming a “box-office” disaster as seat-fillers started appearing.

Meanwhile, the presence of A-list stars remained unwavering, despite the fashion frenzy. Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg, both seasoned veterans of the MI franchise, exuded elegance as they walked the red carpet. The glamorous event also saw the attendance of the fabulous Sherri Shepherd and the legendary Tony Danza. 

Speaking of Mission Impossible 7, Part one of the film was released on July 12. And so far, the Tom Cruise starrer is being much appreciated by the audience and the critics.

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