Kylie Jenner uploaded an Instagram carousel that included a photo of her wearing the attire from the same evening she met her former best friend Jordyn Woods. The most recent of the images showed Jenner taking a selfie in a public restroom while accessorized with waist-bead jewelry, dark trousers, and a black-and-white one-shoulder top. Four years after their friendship came to an end, the mother-of-two wore this attire last Saturday when she stepped out for a meal with Woods.

Kylie captioned the post: “Posting these now before they get lost in my camera roll.”

Did Jordyn Woods apologize to Kylie Jenner?

Earlier this week, a source claimed that the creator of FIRST PLACE contacted Jenner to make peace. The source stated that after their very public fight over Jenner’s sister Khloé fillers-to-be-part-of-her-story-1231020″ onclick=”triggerArticleInterlinkClick(‘article_interlink_click’,’Kylie Jenner shares picture from the night she met Jordyn Woods, says \’Posting these now..\”,’1231073′,’https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/hollywood/the-kardashians-why-does-kylie-jenner-not-want-surgery-misconception-and-lip-fillers-to-be-part-of-her-story-1231020′,’articlepage’,’/entertainment/hollywood/kylie-jenner-shares-picture-from-the-night-she-met-jordyn-woods-says-posting-these-now-1231073′,’Kardashian\’s’,’Content Inline Link’,’entertainment’,’hollywood’);”>Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, “Jordyn reached out to Kylie to apologize for how everything went down and to let her know that she loves her.”

Another insider said that Jenner and Jordyn Woods‘ dinner date in Los Angeles was not the first time they had reconnected. Over the past year, the two have spent time together in private to strengthen their connection. 

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A look back at why they both parted ways

A source close to the matter claimed that neither side is now tense and that everyone involved has moved on from the controversy. Woods was photographed kissing the 32-year-old NBA star in February 2019. According to a source, Jenner was torn about ending her relationship with Woods out of respect for her 39-year-old elder sister. Even though Kylie was horrified and appalled by the Tristan scenario, she didn’t want to treat Woods harshly, the insider said. 

“Kylie found it extremely difficult to just take Jordyn out of her life. Kylie was at first inconsolable. For so long, Jordyn served as her confidante, the source continued. But in the end, she chose to pardon them.

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