ichelle Buteau Dishes On ‘Survival Of The Thickest’ [Exclusive]

A new Netflix series is garnering rave reviews and its co-creator is dishing to BOSSIP about its hilarity and copious curves representation.

As viewers continue to stream Survival Of The Thickest they’re championing Michelle Buteau who leads the show based on her best-selling collection of essays. In particular, people are praising the comedienne’s portrayal of Mavis, a newly single struggling stylist who navigates through her “messy and gross” life with help from her besties, Khalil (Tone Bell) and Marley (Tasha Smith).

In addition to seeing the relatable mess of Mavis’ life, viewers can’t help but notice her standout fashion which includes bold prints and Black designers. Buteau dished to BOSSIP about her character’s fashion via stylist Keia Bounds.

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“I love that we chose her being a stylist as a job because it was the “perfect vehicle to showcase how the fashion industry still needs to work on inclusivity,” said Buteau. “And also how my character is trying to uplift people by taking action, and it really spoke to me because I feel like I had to be and still am a low-budget stylist for myself because things don’t fit and I have to figure it out like it’s really Project Runway.”


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She also dished on Mavis’ strong tribe on the show that consists of strong actors like not only Tone Bell and Tasha Smith but Garcvelle Beauvais and Peppermint. According to Buteau, the group created a “safe space of excellence” that brought their A-game to set without any egos.

“I’ve always had friends from all walks of life, who are amazing and special and spirited, no matter what title they have, or how many commas they have in their bank account,” the comedienne told BOSSIP.

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“And so when I had these characters in my mind, I already had Tasha and Garcelle on my back pocket as wishlist [actresses] because working with people who are centered and know themselves as beautiful and talented people only want to lift you up. They know that we only get better together and being happy for someone else’s success will never f**k you up.

“So people like that in my life on and off screen is what I’m about,” she added. “Even down to Peppermint, she was so great. Everybody was so humble like, ‘Was that okay, Michelle? ‘Was that funny enough?’When you want to be your best and do your best, it only motivates everyone else to be honest too.”

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She also shared that she hopes watchers of the show give in to the not-so-perfect aspects of their lives and enjoy themselves unapologetically just like Mavis did.

“I hope they get messy too,” said Buteau. “I hope they drunk and put something in their mouth they didn’t expect I hope they open their mind, their heart, and their legs to love. Own your sexuality, everything is a spectrum. It isn’t like I’m a good person, or I’m a hoe—you could be both and there’s a lot in between.”

“We only get the one body and we only get the one life,” she added. “So let’s just poke around and see. It’s not 1920 We’re not dying at 37 because we didn’t wash our hands. We’re living quite long now. So do it!”

Survival Of The Thickest production stills

Source: Vanessa Clifton / Jocelyn Prescod / Netflix

Watch our exclusive with Michelle Buteau below!


Survival Of The Thickest is now streaming on Netflix.

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