Gregg Wallace has opened up about Glam-wife-anne-marie/”>Anne-Marie (known as Anna) and their son Sid in a rare interview, touching upon his fourth wife’s difficult health struggles post-pregnancy.

The MasterChef star, 58, met Anna, 36, in 2013 after the caterer sent the TV star a message on social media to ask a food-related question. The couple got engaged in December 2014 and exchanged vows at Hever Castle in Kent in August 2016.

Gregg Wallace in a grey suit smiling with his wife in a black and white jumpsuit and red blazer© Getty
Gregg Wallace and his wife have been married since 2016

However, Gregg admitted they struggled to conceive their son Sid due to Anna’s endometriosis – a disease which sees tissue grow outside the uterus – which got increasingly worse after she gave birth in May 2019. Discussing Anna’s painful health woes, he gushed to the MailOnline: “My admiration for that young woman just grows and grows.

“Sid was a miracle. Anna had a hysterectomy and part of her stomach removed after that. She wore a colostomy bag for a year. That poor girl was in her early 30s,” he added of Anna, who is 21 years his junior.

8 gregg wallace house living room
Anne-Marie suffered from painful endometriosis before and after her pregnancy

Gregg had previously been married three times before meeting Anna, but he insisted that their relationship is so strong because she “utterly approves” of the TV star. “I’m no different with Anna than I was with anybody else, but Anna completely and utterly approves of who I am,” he explained.

He was married to Christine for just six weeks aged 24, followed by pastry chef Denise from 1999 until 2004. He welcomed children Tom and Libby with Denise before they split.

4 gregg wallace house
The couple welcomed son Sid in 2019

Gregg and his third wife Heidi tied the knot in 2010, but they ended their marriage after 15 months.

Discussing his fourth marriage, Gregg previously told HELLO!: “I’m very conscious of people thinking I just do this willy-nilly. But we haven’t rushed into this – we’ve been together for three years and I truly have never met anyone like Anna.”

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Sid was diagnosed with autism aged three, and Gregg said his unconventional living situation with Anna’s parents has been a blessing when it comes to helping with childcare.

gregg wallace bedroom
Sid was diagnosed with autism aged 3

“This morning when Sid woke up it was his nonna who went into his room, brought him down and gave him breakfast. Where would we be without these people? The sun shines in their heart,” he said of his in-laws to the MailOnline.

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