Dolly Parton’s surprise remark about wanting to ‘drop dead on stage’ revealed

Dolly Parton has enjoyed decades as a successful artist in the music industry – and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. 

While some people Dolly’s age has already retired from their chosen careers, the 77-year-old has no intention of hanging up her microphone and has a new album and a book on the way.

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In fact, as morbid as it might sound, Dolly has even given thought to how she would like to leave the world and hopes it’s on stage doing what she loves. “I would never retire! I would hopefully drop dead in the middle of a song on stage someday – and hopefully one I’ve written – but that’s how I hope to go,” she told Ken Bruce on Greatest Hits Radio

“I don’t have much of a choice in that but in the meantime, I’m going to make hay while the sun shines,” she added. 

dolly parton standing in front of pink rockstar sign© Mike Marsland
Dolly Parton has a new album, Rockstar, which features her take on rock classics

While retirement isn’t on the cards for the foreseeable future, there is one aspect of Dolly’s demanding career she has parted ways with – touring. “I’m not touring anymore but I will continue to do special shows here and there now and then like a long weekend or festival shows,” she admitted. 

“But as far as touring I think those days are pretty much behind me… you have to stay gone so long on a tour to make it productive and prosperous and that’s a lot of time at my age – I aint’ got no years to waste!”

dolly parton rock and roll hall of fame induction 2022© Getty Images
Dolly Parton has no plans to retire

Instead of embarking on a grueling tour that will take her away from her home and her husband of 57 years, Carl Dean, Dolly wants to turn her attention to creating her own TV show. 

“I want to have my own story called The Life of Many Colours where I have a whole TV series of my life,” she revealed. “Stuff that people haven’t seen or heard about me and where I come from and how I got to be how and who I am. The bad, the good and the ugly!” 

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Dolly want to die on stage singing her own song

The Jolene hitmaker added: “So that’s one thing I want to do and then just host more TV shows, do more movies. I want to have my own line of makeup, own line of wigs and clothes. Once you get to a certain place in your career you get a lot of offers and some of them are just really hard to turn down!” 

Meanwhile, Dolly is gearing up to release her first-ever rock album, Rockstar, on November 17. She teamed up with an all-star roster of musicians for the 30-song collection which included nine original tracks and 21 iconic rock anthems including Stairway to Heaven and Purple Rain

dolly parton 1981© Getty Images
Dolly signed a record deal when she was just 19

She is also dropping a new book, Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones, on October 17, which shares an inside look at her iconic fashion and distinctive style. 

“I am happy, proud, and excited to present my book Behind the Seams to the public,” Dolly shared. “It is my hope that you will enjoy a look at my life in costume and hair and get to know some of the great people who have helped shape my life and my look. Enjoy!”

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